Omena Hotel Helsinki Lönnrotinkatu

We stayed at Omena Hotel Helsinki Lönnrotinkatu. I have stayed at an Omena Hotel before, and had a nice experience. The hotel does not have a reception, so all the information about our hotel we got before checking-in. The hotel is quite close to the city centre, I think it takes us about 10 minutes or less of walking and then we are at the city centre.

I am not able to show a photo of the hotel room as a whole, because I suck at taking pictures and the photo I have is so blurry!

The room I booked is for four people. So here is the beds. The red squares are foldable beds btw!

From the red wall where the folding beds are. There is a big square room which is the bathroom. on the other side of the wall there are shelves. One with microwave, one with a water cooker, tea and cups. The last shelf space is for a mini fridge. In front of the bed, the proper ones, is a giant tv screen. We also had a chair and foldable stools.

The place was okay! One complaint though is that the bathroom lights keep turning off every few minutes. you need to wave a hand for the detector. Also they have this bottle that is 3 in 1, shampoo, soap and conditioner. Normally I don’t like those stuff, but the one at Omena was actually quite good! My hair was smooth 😀

I like that they have a lot of charging ports! It is a must if you ask me!


At the end of July, I went to Helsinki, Finland with the bf and my sister. I wanted to go to Finland before because of three reasons:

  1.  I have never been to Finland and wanted to visit a new country.
  2. I have always been curious about Finland. I keep on hearing how better they are than Norway in some aspects such as school
  3. There is a special hotstamp from Louis Vuitton there.

We were in Helsinki from the 31st of Julyt until the 4th of August, we were supposed to leave on the 3rd, but that can be a different blog post altogether.

How was Helsinki?

The weather was hot, although during our last day it rained heavily for a few minutes. They have a lot of malls and they are open quite late! Some of the stores they had, we have in Norway. At one point it felt like I never left Oslo.

Photos from Helsinki will follow.


This sculpture is actually quite cool! Because if you look at it from a different angle, it appears that they are hugging.

They have a make your own Magnum ice cream store. However, the  queue was always long, and if I remember correctly I found the price a bit steep!

The Helsinki Cathedral

This place is actually a sauna/pool place! They have a pool at the harbour!

Some jazz music playing while strolling the park is never wrong 🙂

A beautiful garden room inside a mall.

Helsinki’s old market hall

Some photos from our small cruise to the zoo, which is on an island

The Louis Vuitton stamp from Helsinki 🙂

Summer ☀️

A few weeks ago I spent a few days in a cottage at Tjøme.

To go the cottage we had to travel by boat! Which was, in my opinion, a great way to travel 😊

We didn’t really do anything special except drink alcohol all day, eat grilled food, play on Nintendo Switch or old board games, sleep late, bathe and sunbathe. Very relaxing few days and an escape from the busy life.

Here are some photos 😊

Poland: Warsaw Royal Castle

I planned on going to the Royal Castle in Warsaw on a Sunday because I knew the entrance tickets were free 🙂 I think I got there around 1PM. The queue to go inside the castle was long! I think I stood in line for more than half an hour. It was hot and my back started to ache. The queue to get the tickets were not as long. It went quite fast actually.

I kind of rushed my visit to the castle. That was because I was running out of time and still had two more places I planned to visit.

Here are some photos from the Castle

Poland: Neon Museum

On my second day in Warsaw, I went to the Neon Museum. It was closer to the hostel, than my other itinerary. It took me about half an hour to walk there, and I was walking with eveything I had with me.

The museum is really small and I think the ticket cost 10 PLN, I forgot.

The Neon Museum or Neon Muzeum contains neon signs from the Cold War Era. The neon lights are highly dangerous so touching them is prohibited. We weren’t allowed to take photos with a professional camera, only with our phones.

It is amazing seeing preserved neon lights from a different era. I have noticed that there are some Norwegian words that are similar to Polish which is nice.

I found a sign with a name on! Kat 😛

Nah, just kidding it is actually Kato.

Poland: Day 1

Here are some photos from my first full day in Warsaw.

From my aparthostel to the tram station, I walked fast these statues and wall art. I thought they were cool 🙂

While at a store looking to buy somethinng to drink, I spotted Cola Lime. I don’t think I have ever tasted Cola Lime before, so I bought it. It tastes just how you would imagine coke and lime 🙂

They have KFC in Warsaw, why can’t we get that here? I went to KFC for lunch and tried their Oriental meal. It was rice and some chicken topped with teriyaki sauce. It was okay!

Here are some photos from street.

A candy store that I visited and bought lots of candies from 😀

The two following photo’s are not from the street, but . Although I basically just walked a straight line to go to here. So I went to the Holy Cross Church. Not because I am religious, but because the Heart of Chopin is stored here. The photo quality is from my zoomed in phone. I thought it would be disrespectful to use my camera who makes a shutter noise.

Here are some photos from after my visit to the Copernicus Science Centre.

Part of the beach was closed or is still under construction. a lot of people were at the promenade, biking, walking and drinking.

This is the famous Palm Tree at Rondo de Gaulle’a. It actually gives me the beach-y vibe  

After walking for about half an hour, I saw that Warsaw had TK Maxx! That is so cool! I did go there, but I didn’t find anything I wanted and I couldn’t buy anything since I don’t have much space.

 The following photos were taken after I have eaten dinner and on my way home. I went back towards the Palm Tree, since the tram station towards my hostel was near there.

One thing I like about Warsaw is that on their information board on tram departures, they have wheel chair indications. So people on wheel chair knows which trams to take and not to take. Oslo or #Ruter should learn from them!

Day 1 in Warsaw was great! It was tiresome and not too mention hot! I really liked it and would actually want to return to visit the places I wasn’t able to.

Poland: Polish food

After the Copernicus centre, I still wandered off and wanted to eat someplace. I went to a place where they had a lot of restaurants, but I was looking for Polish cuisine. I think I walked about 30 minutes before finding a restaurant that served Polish food.

The place is called Specjały Regionalne and is located at 44. I saw that they were serving Authentic Polish dishes, so I went there.

The waitress was very kind and helped me pick my meal.

The meal that I chose is called Forszmak Lubelski which is a traditional beef goulash from Lublin region with barley grits and a scoof of cream. I think it is sour cream, since it was a bit sour 🙂 It cost  45 PLN about 102NOK. I was actually considering appetizers or side dishes. I am so glad I didn’t because I was so full after eating this! It was a good meal! I liked it a lot.

For my drink I ordered Wild Rose Fruit Juice. I didn’t know what Wild Rose Fruit juice was, so I decided to try something new. It cost 13 PLN, about 29 NOK. It was sour and not too sweet, which I liked! I love sour things. I kind of wished we had that drink in Norway!

One of my goals during this trip was to try authentic Polish food, which I did get to do! I have a tendancy to eat Asian food when I travel to a foreign county.

I think if I were to given the chance I would go back to the restaurant to try their other dishes as well. They had some meals that sounded interesting to try.

Poland: Copernicus Science Centre

So after visiting the parks, I decided to just follow the road straight ahead. While walking I saw the Copernicus Monument.

The Science lover in me was so happy to see the monument. While looking at the map, I saw that the Copernicus Science Centre was not that far from the monument. About 15 minutes walk, which is not that far. I decided to go there before they closed.

The centre was big and spacious! I think I arrived there a little before 5 PM, and they closed at 7PM. I paid 22 PLN or 50 NOK for the ticket, with a student dicount! The perks of being a student 😛

Here are some photos from the centre. I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos, because I was too busy having fun.


The last pic is blurry yes I know. The centre was big and they had a lot of fun things to try. However, I did kind of feel alone. I mean I was alone and had no one to have fun with, which is sad. I mean, I did have fun, but maybe if I was with someone it would have been much more better. I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos because it is hard taking a photo while playing with some of the stuff at the same time.

Poland: Park Ujazdów, Park Łazienkowski and the Botanical Garden

One of the places I knew I wanted to visit was the park where Chopin’s statue can be found. I walked from Vitkac shopping centre to the different parks.

The weather in Warsawa was very hot btw, not what I expected and I had a white top and black pants on me. I think it took me about 20minutes to go to Park Ujazdów. That’s because I walk slow and I stop to take photos.

Here are some photos from Park Ujazdów

The park was quite big, and it was a bit nice to go through it. It gave me some shelter from the sun.

I didn’t stay long at the park, because I needed to go to Park Łazienkowski. I didn’t have that much time in Poland, so I can’t really stay at one place for a long time.

Here are some photos from Park Łazienkowski.

And here is the photo of the statue I wanted to see so badly!

And here I am taking a selfie with what seems like a cherry blossom tree and Chopins statue on the background 😂

The park was really nice and big. I did get some rest along the way. The heat made me tired faster.

After the park, I proceeded to go to the Botanical Garden which is actually between the two parks I just visited. The Botanical Garden is not free btw, I did get a student discount on the ticket.

Also there were two beautiful tree beside each other who had really beautiful flowers. I figured I wanted to take a photo with them in the background.

Let me just say that the sun and my eyes are not best friends at all!

I must admit, it is a bit lonely traveling alone. No one there to take a photo of you. I just had to use my arms 🤣 I did have a nice time at the parks 😊 I loved the flowers very much, they were all beautiful 🌸🌸🌸


I stayed at ApartHostel Warzawa during my stay. I arrived quite late, around 12AM, luckily they have a reception that is open 24/7! I received a keycard and a locker key.

I wasn’t able to take a photo of my room/bed because: 1. I arrived really late at night, everyone was sleeping 2. In the morning, people were still sleeping and it is a bit disrespectful to take photos imo.

I borrowed the photos from the hostels website. I think this is basically the room I stayed at. There were three bunk beds, a locker for six people, a vanity table and a shared bathroom

I did try the hostels breakfast before I left. I don’t usually eat at hotels or hostels, a personal preference. I knew I would be using the rest of my time in Warsawa to the fullest. I had to eat before I left.

Breakfast cost 20PLN around 45NOK.

This is my whole breakfast table. The photo is not the best, I had to edit out because of the sun. I sat at the table nearest the electricity sockets, which also happened to be near the window where the sunlight hit the most.

I had lemon and ginger tea for breakfast

I was served milk in a glass bottle, three small servings of greek yoghurt,  and two jams. There was some cereals at a different table.

I was served a platter of 4 sliced bread, sliced tomato, 4 pieces of cheese and 4 pieces of ham and some butter.

The breakfast was too much for me to be honest, I wasn’t able to eat everything up. I did eat up the two jams. They were delicious!

I had a nice experience at the hostel! I just wished they had electricity sockets near the upper bunkbeds. Luckily, I usually woke up early, so it gave me time to charge my phone and powerbanks.

It also takes about 10minutes or less to walk to nearest tram and bus station