Summer Party last Tuesday

Last Tuesday I went to my unions summer party 😊

We had some barbeque, homemade burger sauce and some tapas.

I had a burger with my toppings of my choice, and grilled corn.

When the sun was out, it was so hot. So I was a bit glad whenever the sun would be covered by the clouds. It wasn’t as great when the sun was out for good! Why? Because it became very cold 😔😔😔

I did not have any jacket with me. This was my outfit.

A white top from BikBok, a skirt from Object Collectors Item and white Keds shoes. So yeah it was cold.

I didn’t drink any alcohol so I was probably the only one sober there 😂

I did have a great time getting to know new colleagues 😊


So I officially had my school vacation on Thursday, June 14 4:30PM. But just because I have vacation from school doesn’t mean I have vacation.

My work decided to remove the over time restriction, so I have been working a lot since June 15 😝 I have only had Monday and Wednesday off this week. Next week I only have Tuesday and Thursday off!

So I have been a lot more busier than what I have initially planned 😭

I was able to meet and catch up with a friend of mine. We went to Starbucks, and yeah they mispelled my name even though I spelled it 😑

I will be going on short vacations, but as of now I will be working a lot. I’ll try to meet up with friends and family ❤️

Off to bed

Time check: 8:40 PM

It is still bright here in Oslo, I think the sun is still up. How bright you ask? Look at the photo below taken at 8:39PM.

I am on my way home and will try to sleep ASAP. Why sleep so early? Well, this lady just said yes to a shift starting 4:50AM tomorrow! Awesome right? 😭😭😭

Luckily I am exhausted. Weirdly enough a shift from 8-16 made me much more exhausted, than my shifts between 4-11. What’s positive about me being exhausted is that I probably will fall asleep faster. Because let’s face it sleeping around 9PM is early for someone who normally sleeps at 2AM.

I did prepare myself for tomorrow 😎

Bought myself Battery Black Edition  😎😎😎


It’s crazy how hot it has been in Oslo, over 30°C almost daily!

I have had trouble sleeping because it is way too hot. The past few days I keep on seeing promotions for Halo-halo from Karabista.

So yesterday, because of the immense heat and because I was located I Majorstuen my boyfriend and I tried it.

We ordered the combo of Halo-halo and 4 siomai for 99kr.

The siomai was so delicious. The halo-halo was okay, but perfect for the hot weather. Oh how I miss halo-halo. I swear if I go back to the Philippines I would eat it all day! I want the ube ice cream on top!

Louis Vuitton Men’s perfume

Yesterday, I went to a Louis Vuitton event to showcase the new men’s perfume.

I brought my brother with me to the event.

For each perfume placed around the store there is a corresponding vase with the ingredients used for the perfume.

Also take note, I do not know much on perfume notes and will just describe them the best I can.

The first perfume we saw was the L’immensité. Which has ginger and grapefruit in it’s notes amongst others. I loved the smell, but it does remind me of other brands’ perfume. I would definitely buy this for my boyfriend though 😛

The next perfume was the Nouveau  Monde. It has a hint of cocoa and oud.

Personally, the strong was too strong for me.

The next fragrance is Au Hasard which has hints of sandalwood, cardamom and ambrette seeds.

This was one of the fragrances I was not a fan of. It was too strong for me.

The next fragrance is Orage with the blend of iris and patchouli. If I remember correctly I kind of liked the scent of this 😊

The last fragrance was Sur la Route which has a hint of Calabrian lemon, cedar and bergamot. 

This one was something my brother and I liked very much.

Here are the fragrances together.

The fragrance my brother liked the most was the Sur la Route. I liked it as well, but I also liked L’immensité.

We didn’t buy any fragrances, yet. That’s because we both believe that before buying any perfume you have to try to see how it will smell on you. The same perfume can smell differently on people.

Hopefully, the Sur la Route smells good on him and for him. I might just buy him that if he wishes to 😊