My Louis Vuitton luggage tag collection and locations

At the start of 2017, I became addicted to Louis Vuitton. It started when I bought small leathered goods, and then it became worse when I joined the Louis Vuitton Addicted- Buy, Sell & Chat group. I saw someone selling luggage tags with hot stamps and decided to buy one with the Canada stamp on.

The start of 2017 was also my last semester at Høyskolen Kristiania and it was our bachelor thesis period. I procrastinate a lot, and that one tag I bought started an addiction when I started searching for #lvluggagetags and #lvhotstamps on instagram.  Fast forward to 2019 and I have about 72 or so tags.

Without further ado, here are my tags and stamps and where to find them, ish.


Asia has a lot of lovely stamps, but they are extremely hard to get especially the Japanese ones.

Japan: Japan has had a lot more stamps than those pictured. The stamps are usually offered during events. Japanese stamps are incredibly hard to come by, they change locations and are only available for a small period of time.


Hongkong: Hong Kong has another stamp as well. The junk boat with the skyline at the back. I do not have it yet. They also have the Lee Gardens stamp.


South Korea:


China: Shangai also has a stamp,but it is exclusive to the VVV exhibition.


Thailand: Tuk-tuk. Unfortunately, I do not have the stamp yet.


New Zealand:



I had to Google countries in Oceania, and Guam was listed as one, so I placed Guam here. They also have the big rounded heart.

North America:


United States of America:

New York:






Washington DC:


Louisiana: New Orleans (Discovered on the 1st of February) The Fleur-de-lis

Massachusetts: Boston- Lobster from the Louis Vuitton Copley Store

Puerto Rico: Unfortunately I do not have this stamp, yet. It is the stamp of El Morrow Fort and Viejo San Juan



Mexico City: I do not have this stamp, but it is of the Angel of Independence







St. Tropez: Unfortunately, I do not have this stamp yet.

St Barts: As with St. Tropez I do not have this stamp.

United Kingdom:





Turin: I do not have this



Portugal: I will be traveling to Portugal for this stamp. It is the stamp of the famous trams in Lisboa.





St. Petersburg:

Moscow: Moscow also has the soccer ball from the World Cup.


South Africa: Unfortunately I do not have this tag. It is the outline of a mountain with Cape Town writing underneath.



This year is Year of the Pig. The stamp is available in some other countries now.


As part of the Holiday, Louis Vuitton rolled out six stamps, Vivienne, Manekineko,  pig, candy cane, Heart with the dagger and the Ostritch with the gifts stacked.   I will update when I get the tags.

The candy cane as far as I know is only available at Malaysia and Macau


I still lack a few stamps and I am still in the process of getting tags with stamps.  Acquiring tags is not easy though, but I usually buy used tags.  I do hope I can travel to the countries or cities with stamps a lot more often. Cities or countries I haven’t been too are usually my target destination when I choose new countries to travel to. It’s not always easy because of my work. I hope Louis Vuitton will come out with more stamps, but I hope they will not be strict that I may not be able to get any.

Collecting luggage tags and the stamps is fun though. I have made a lot of friends. I have met some and there are a lot more that I still need to meet. I have a bit of a collection now though, and I am planning on buying a hardsided luggage from Louis Vuitton when I turn 30 to store my luggage tags. That is an ultimate dream.

So here is to collecting more stamps and meeting new friends.

Ichibazushi Shinsaibashisuji- Sushi!

When my boyfriend and I went to Osaka two years ago, we went to this sushi place in Shinsaibashi shopping district. We really loved the sushi there and the prices were not bad at all.

The sushi chefs also makes the food in front of you and they’re pretty fast! If you want more food you just place the plate in front of you and they put your ordered food there. When a new customer comes in, all the chefs greet the person at the same time.

The only thing I maybe do not like about the place is that they smoke inside, which is still pretty normal in Japan.

Mos Burger

I study Japanese, and in one of our textbooks they always mention Mos Burger.  We tried our very first Mos Burger in Osaka, and it was very delicious.

I don’t think I have ever seen burgers prepared as nicely as these in Mos Burger. It is like they were taken out of a commercial.  The green soda is melon soda, which I personally like a lot.


While we were in Kyoto, we headed to the Kinkaku-ji, but it took us hours to decide if we should go or not! Well my bf and my sister wasn’t really that interested in going there at first, but I guess my ”shall we go or not” questions made them decide to go.

We went there about 30 minutes before the place closed. Lucky us! We were not there for that long, we took photos and just followed the route. It did start snowing right after we got there. Anyways here are the photos from the kinkaku-ji

Fushimi Inari Taisha

I have always wanted to go to the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, but when we and my boyfriend went to Osaka two years ago, we were not able to go to Kyoto. This time though I planned our stay in Osaka to be about four days so that we would have the opportunity to go to Kyoto as well. I really wanted my sister to experience a lot while in Japan.

We went to Fushimi Inari shrine during our third day in Osaka. The travel was fairly easy and it wasn’t that hard to find the place. The moment you get out of the station the place is there.

Before we went ahead and walked to the trails we actually went to the street where there were a lot of food vendors. There were so many good food, but we went for those with few lines. We went and got us Taiyaki with red beans and bacon. The taiyaki was delicous and was quite fresh. The bacon was very tasty as well.

After our stroll through the food vendors we went towards the shrine. There were a lot of people and you know how in pictures it’s usually red, it was actually more orange-like, but always appeared red-ish on our photos.

There were also guardian foxes near the entrance of the shrines.

Here are some various photos I took. Oh and there was a map at one point showing us the way to the mountain and to the exit, and we chose not to go to the mountain. I guess we were tired from all the walking.


Osaka Castle

During our second day in Osaka we went to Osaka Castle. My bf and I went there two years ago, but I wanted my sister to experience it as well. What I liked about the public transportation system in Osaka was that the station leading towards Osaka Castle had signs on them that can help us tourists find our way.

When we left the station it was then my bf and I relaized that we may have taken a longer route last time. This time, the moment we left the station we could see Osaka Castle.

On our way to the castle one can see the outer walls of Osaka Castle, some with some water and some with plants growing on them.

Osaka Castle is a beauty in my opinion. Just look at this castle!

Might I just add that the castle may look old, but the interior is pretty modern. When you go inside it is like a hotel reception. There is an elevator that leads straight up to the 5th or 6th floor. From there on you have to walk to the last two floors to go to the roof.  On each floor there are different installations. There are a few floors where photos are absolutely forbidden. Also on each floor there are chairs to rest, I used it often!

The first thing we did however when reaching the top was go to the rooftop to see the view. We went there around 4PM so that’s why the sky is a bit pink-ish.

We were there until a few minutes before it would close, we did go around all the floors.

When we left the Castle, the sunset really gave Osaka Castle this lovely color!

On our way back to the suway we saw cherry blossoms! It has always been my dream to see Cherry blossoms in Japan! I did not expect to see it during December! Made my day much better seeing cherry blossoms

Tokyo Disneyland

Hi! So I have been in Japan for almost a week now! Our pocket wifi has been so slow so posting stuff takes time.

We spent Christmas Day in Tokyo Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. Unfortunately we were only able to ride 4 rides, why you ask? Well  the queues were unbelievably long, like 110 minutes waiting time long.

We were all still jetlagged and tired so standing in queue for that long was not good for us. Although we were able to see the morning and night parade before heading back home 😊

Tokyo Disneyland also has their own Coke bottle

The night parade

Also we ate dinner at one of the restaurants inside Disney, the Plasma Ray’s Diner

The food was okay, but the buns shaped as Mickey’s gloves were very delicious!

Sinister Ball

Exactly a week ago my brother and I went to our first Vogue Ball! The Sinister Ball held at Kulturkirken Jacob, which is a church by the way!

The Sinister Ball was the first Norwegian Vogue Ball, I think. First, Vogue Ball in Norway. Anyhow it was amazing, it was new and it was a great experience. My brother and I loved it!

I must admit there were times where I felt pain, like pain from watching some performers twist their hands or when they fall down (on purpose).

I really admire their confidence. The performers were oozing with confidence that I wished I had! You could feel it!

I am so thankful that I joined Gaia Burlesque, because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have known about Vogue or Vogue Ball!

Hoping there will be a ball next year, I would watch and bring more people with me 🙈

Anyhow here are some photos from the night!

New In: Louis Vuitton Galaxy Pocket Organizer

Today I woke up to an sms telling me that the item I have been waiting for has arrived! I was so happy, I didn’t expect it to come til after the new year.

So after selling my shoe, I went to one of my favorite stores 🙈

I went to pick up this beauty!

I did not open it until after I came back from taking my exam. It was well a reward to myself and a gift to myself 😂

I don’t think my exam went that well, so coming home and being able to be happy about something else was therapeutic 😊

Here is my beauty

This is the Pocket Organizer in Monogram Galaxy as part of the Spring-Summer 2019 collection! It is so beautiful and besides I am a sucker for galaxy things 🙈🙈🙈