Happy Saturday 💖

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Happy Saturday!

Today is one of my long awaited day off!

I have been working a lot of early shifts since Wednesday and been busy being social like meeting friends!

I finally get to read Louis Vuitton’s book number 10 that I received a few days ago 🙈

I also received the Summer Vibe bracelet from Bijoux Love 💖The pineapple is so cute and very summery 🍍🍍🍍

I also have a 50% dicount if you use the code kathinlvoe50 on their site Bijoux Love.

I am so far enjoying my day off with ny family, wishing you a lovely weekend 💖

Parisian food, or is it?

I swear, everytime I am in Paris or any other countries, I always go for Asian food. This trip was not any different, although we did go to KFC first 🙈


We don’t have KFC in Norway, so whenever I visit a country that has one I try to visit it.

Our dinner before the BTS concert was a sushi set menu, one that was quite hard to finish. There was just too many rice!

Coconut juice for our drink


Miso soup


Our sushi menu 🙈 very delicious by the way

On our last day in Paris, we actually went to eat brunch at Five Guys.

The fries were meh, the burger was OK. There were too many flavors in one I wasn’t really able to savour everything

For a midday snack, I bought crepe with nutella and coconut

This was good, but it was way too sweet after the third bite. Too much chocolate 😅

And lastly for our dinner before leaving Paris, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant. I rarely eat Vietnamese food such as Pho, because my bf is not a fan of them. Luckily I was travelling with my sister and wanted to eat pho as well🙈


Next time I will travel with my sister or mother, I will try to eat less asian food. Or we’ll just see


All this food talk and photos just made me hungry 🙈

BTS concert at Stade de France

When BTS Europe concerts tickets were first released, I was awake an hour before tickerts were released for London. I had logged in my PC, my laptop and not to mention my phone. I pressed purchase tickets at exactly the time they were released, unfortunately I wasn’t able to buy tickets. Ticketmaster sucked in my opinion, they told me not to refresh the page, but they refreshed the pages by themselves. Luckily new concert dates were added, and suddenly London was not a great fit, so I aimed for Paris. This time though, I registered at Stade de France. I thought buying tickets through them were much better than through Livenation/Ticketmaster, and I was right.

I wasn’t able to get the places I wanted, but I managed to get tickets for my sister and I.

The concert was one of the best concerts I have been to, although I couldn’t see BTS like really near. The concert go-ers were also awesome and was singing along to the songs. I loved it a lot! I do regret not buying the Army bomb or any merchandise while there.

Anyways, here are photos from the concert.          

Weekend in Paris

Last weekend my sister and I went to Paris for the BTS concert.

We left Norway early on Sunday and came back late Sunday.

Before the concert we went around Paris, window shopping. We did not buy anything at all because the things I wanted was not available at the stores.

Will be posting our hotel, the food we ate and the concert!


Here are some photos from our trip during the weekend.

It is actually quite weird to see Notre Dame without people and off limits to the public.


The display at the Louis Vuitton store at Champs Elysses.

The New Galleries Lafayette at Champs Elysses
The glasses department at Galleries Lafayette


Gifts from friends 💕

I received a package the other day. It’s from my friends 💕A late birthday gift 🙈



A palette and a lipstick!

Perfect since I don’t have any palettes left 🙈

I really love the colors of the palettes, great for every day use I think.

Creme sheen in Creme D’Nude


I can’t wait to use them 💖

BT21 goodies and other things from Yesstyle

A month ago I ordered things from Yesstyle, and they arrived a few days ago 🙈

I bought hair color and lip cream and lip sticks from BT21 for myself and my little sister! I even got free samples.

I didn’t really realize until the check out that the hair colors were fairly similar 😂
Face mask and sponge. The sponge I gave to my sister since she uses a lot of make up


My sister is a fan of BTS, more than I am and we are going to their concert in under a month. So when i saw BT21 products I did not hesitate to buy for my sister and I.

My sister has the orange one while I have the one that’s yellow. To be honest we kind of forgot what we really chose when I ordered 🙈


Here is the lip swatch of those two lip sticks. Took this from Yesstyle’s page.


I haven’t used the lip sticks and lip cream yet, been so busy I keep forgetting 😊 Hopefully I will be able to use it soon.


Papers and YT pudding

I finally finished and submitted my essay for one of my subjects. Been procrastinating all week, but finished it before going to bed last night.

Anyways, remember how I said I was following a meal plan? Well a part of my meal plan is to eat YT protein pudding. A few days ago I saw the pudding in mango flavor for sale at the training cente. So I bought it, three of it actually.

I finally ate it, and let me tell you it was disgusting!

I kid you not! It tasted bitter, with the after taste of soap! I wasn’t even able to eat up everything. Now I love the YT protein pudding in chocolate, but mango was very disappointing. I pictured the pudding to you know taste like mango!

That was basically what I managed to eat of it! The other two would probably go to the trash, and I really hate throwing away food!

On the other hand I am glad that I did not pay that much for them 🙈

Help, I’m on a diet!

Last Monday, I started with a new meal and workout plan. I do workout three times a week, but unfortunately I don’t see results. Sure I feel and have become stronger, but not results such as losing body fat. So I got tired of it and bought myself a coaching pack from Strongbody. Sure, it was expensive, but I am investing in myself.

I don’t really want to call it a diet, because I associate diet with eating less. My meal plan though, there are sometimes way too much food, but sometimes it is just enough. What I do like about the mealplan is that there are a variety of meals I can choose from.

Unfortunately, I went to the dentist today so my snacks were limited to food that did not require much chewing, therefore my next meals for lunch.

YT should seriously sponspor me XD I love YT proteinshake and the YT proteinpudding in chocolate, been choosing the meals which has them. They can however be expensive.

And dinner for today

I also made my bf the same dinner, and I guess it was okay. He liked it!

I still have my night food left, but that I will wait to eat when I come back from workout in a few hours.

New in: workout tights

I might have liked those Gymshark tights so much that I actually ordered new ones.


I ordered the Vital Seamless in Blue and Texture leggings in Steel Blue.

I liked the Vital Seamless so much I ordered it in my favorite color 🙈 I am using it at the gym at the moment, and I love it 💙

Doing legpress

I have not tried the textured tights yet. It’s a bit weird? Haha. The pants have different textures on different parts. It has a very handy pocket at the sides though which I like.

That’s the side pocket, and you can see there are different textures on the tights. I’ll try to wear this one the next time I work out.

Happy Easter!

The weather has been great these past few days! Unfortunately I will be working this weekend, and I am at work atm. However I have been able to relax and enjoy these past few days.

Yesterday was a little busy day. I went out and just strolled around the city. I love that it feels like a Sunday, because there’s not a lot of people and the city is quiet!

My boyfriend and I went to Talor og Jørgen for some super delicious, but pricey donuts!

After buying the donuts, we went to Yummy Heaven. Both craving for candies and they were the only store that sells candies that was open.

We went to Oslo food court near Oslo bowling shortly after Yummy Heaven!My bf got Karaage-don from Gohan , while I got chicharon from the Budapest stall (I think it was Budapest)

After our meal we did go home to rest, before going to the cinema.

My get-up for the cinema! Wearing a huge pullover hoodie from Lager 157 (I like to dress comfortably) , and wearing my LV sneakers (breaking them in btw) and carrying my Speedy 30. Believe it or not, there’s a 1.5L soda in there and over 1kg of candies 🙈 and other stuff such as powerbank, charger and chapsticks.


We watched Hellboy btw. The movie was okay, it wasn’t as bad as the reviews.


Have a great Easter 🐣