Poland: Day 1

Here are some photos from my first full day in Warsaw.

From my aparthostel to the tram station, I walked fast these statues and wall art. I thought they were cool 🙂

While at a store looking to buy somethinng to drink, I spotted Cola Lime. I don’t think I have ever tasted Cola Lime before, so I bought it. It tastes just how you would imagine coke and lime 🙂

They have KFC in Warsaw, why can’t we get that here? I went to KFC for lunch and tried their Oriental meal. It was rice and some chicken topped with teriyaki sauce. It was okay!

Here are some photos from street.

A candy store that I visited and bought lots of candies from 😀

The two following photo’s are not from the street, but . Although I basically just walked a straight line to go to here. So I went to the Holy Cross Church. Not because I am religious, but because the Heart of Chopin is stored here. The photo quality is from my zoomed in phone. I thought it would be disrespectful to use my camera who makes a shutter noise.

Here are some photos from after my visit to the Copernicus Science Centre.

Part of the beach was closed or is still under construction. a lot of people were at the promenade, biking, walking and drinking.

This is the famous Palm Tree at Rondo de Gaulle’a. It actually gives me the beach-y vibe  

After walking for about half an hour, I saw that Warsaw had TK Maxx! That is so cool! I did go there, but I didn’t find anything I wanted and I couldn’t buy anything since I don’t have much space.

 The following photos were taken after I have eaten dinner and on my way home. I went back towards the Palm Tree, since the tram station towards my hostel was near there.

One thing I like about Warsaw is that on their information board on tram departures, they have wheel chair indications. So people on wheel chair knows which trams to take and not to take. Oslo or #Ruter should learn from them!

Day 1 in Warsaw was great! It was tiresome and not too mention hot! I really liked it and would actually want to return to visit the places I wasn’t able to.

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