Gifts from friends 💕

I received a package the other day. It’s from my friends 💕A late birthday gift 🙈



A palette and a lipstick!

Perfect since I don’t have any palettes left 🙈

I really love the colors of the palettes, great for every day use I think.

Creme sheen in Creme D’Nude


I can’t wait to use them 💖

BT21 goodies and other things from Yesstyle

A month ago I ordered things from Yesstyle, and they arrived a few days ago 🙈

I bought hair color and lip cream and lip sticks from BT21 for myself and my little sister! I even got free samples.

I didn’t really realize until the check out that the hair colors were fairly similar 😂
Face mask and sponge. The sponge I gave to my sister since she uses a lot of make up


My sister is a fan of BTS, more than I am and we are going to their concert in under a month. So when i saw BT21 products I did not hesitate to buy for my sister and I.

My sister has the orange one while I have the one that’s yellow. To be honest we kind of forgot what we really chose when I ordered 🙈


Here is the lip swatch of those two lip sticks. Took this from Yesstyle’s page.


I haven’t used the lip sticks and lip cream yet, been so busy I keep forgetting 😊 Hopefully I will be able to use it soon.


Papers and YT pudding

I finally finished and submitted my essay for one of my subjects. Been procrastinating all week, but finished it before going to bed last night.

Anyways, remember how I said I was following a meal plan? Well a part of my meal plan is to eat YT protein pudding. A few days ago I saw the pudding in mango flavor for sale at the training cente. So I bought it, three of it actually.

I finally ate it, and let me tell you it was disgusting!

I kid you not! It tasted bitter, with the after taste of soap! I wasn’t even able to eat up everything. Now I love the YT protein pudding in chocolate, but mango was very disappointing. I pictured the pudding to you know taste like mango!

That was basically what I managed to eat of it! The other two would probably go to the trash, and I really hate throwing away food!

On the other hand I am glad that I did not pay that much for them 🙈

Help, I’m on a diet!

Last Monday, I started with a new meal and workout plan. I do workout three times a week, but unfortunately I don’t see results. Sure I feel and have become stronger, but not results such as losing body fat. So I got tired of it and bought myself a coaching pack from Strongbody. Sure, it was expensive, but I am investing in myself.

I don’t really want to call it a diet, because I associate diet with eating less. My meal plan though, there are sometimes way too much food, but sometimes it is just enough. What I do like about the mealplan is that there are a variety of meals I can choose from.

Unfortunately, I went to the dentist today so my snacks were limited to food that did not require much chewing, therefore my next meals for lunch.

YT should seriously sponspor me XD I love YT proteinshake and the YT proteinpudding in chocolate, been choosing the meals which has them. They can however be expensive.

And dinner for today

I also made my bf the same dinner, and I guess it was okay. He liked it!

I still have my night food left, but that I will wait to eat when I come back from workout in a few hours.