Last day in Finland: Finland Zoo

So during our last day in Finland, we left our luggages in the lockers at the train station. We had a few hours before our flight left.

After leaving our luggages, we first went to find a place to eat. We went to have sushi at one of the buffets, then went towards the port. We wanted to go to the zoo, so we took the ferry to the island. The zoo is located at an island. Also the ticket to the ferry was quite cheap for students, and it was free for my sister.

When we arrived at the zoo, it was raining, so my sister and I bought rain ponchos. After 10 minutes, the rain stopped and we kinda wasted 5euros -.-” It was sunny for the duration of our stay

The zoo was in my opinion quite spacious and each animal had good space and they had a lot of  stimulations for the animals. They also kept old bear cages that they used decades ago. They were quite small cages. We weren’t able to see some animals like the fox, as it was hidden somewhere. I think we were there for almost 4 hours. We had to leave to reach the ferry back to the centre. We were able to see almost everything.

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