Dipolog City

My next stop was Dipolog City! This is my mother’s hometown and where I grew up from when I was 6 or 7 up until I was 16! Dipolog City is in Mindanao, and people usually ask if it is safe there, yes it is very much safe and peaceful!

We stayed at my grandfather’s house.  My grandfather turned 90 years old this year, and it was also one of the main reasons for coming back to the Philippines this year!

My grandfather’s place is quite old, and a lot of the things there have been there for as long as I can remember.

Every morning  for breakfast, the maid (yes they have a maid there ) prepares the table. So whenever we wake up the food is ready to be eaten. Kind of weird to be honest since here we eat when we want to and usually in our rooms or the living room. There everyone had to eat at the table, together


I stayed in Dipolog City for a week though, so more posts about it coming 😊

Cavite City

My first stop in the Philippines was naturally Manila, but I didn’t really stay there for so long because I went to Cavite City.

Cavite City, the city where my paternal side of the family comes from. I visited Cavite City when I first a child, during one of our vacations to the Philippines. The funny thing is that I never visited the city when my dad decided to relocate the whole family to the Philippines.

Cavite city is about half an hour or an hour away from Manila, depending on the traffic.

Since my dad came back to the Philippines, he has been living in Cavite. Naturally, since it is his hometown.

My dad took me on a small tour around Cavite, unfortunately it was while I was inside the car, and it was also raining outside. Ergo these photos 😛

My dad usually took me around to see his cafeterias, where he lives and etc. I could tell he was very happy to see me again, I mean he has not seen me in over 7 years. So I always got introduced to everyone! I was happy he was happy, but felt a bit awkward since I had to meet a lot of people that I don’t really know.

I didn’t stay at my dad’s place. They were renovating their place, so they booked me a room at a hotel. It was clean and it was okay. I had to have a chaperone though. My dad had to make sure I would wake up early, so he had one of his workers with me. They wake up early in the Philippines.

As I mentioned I had an early flight the following day. So by 5AM we had to be awake, but also because my dad’s god-daughter wanted to meet me. So we went to McDonalds to eat breakfast before we headed to the airport.

I wished I could have stayed longer in Cavite. To get to know the city more, my heritage and the rest of my extensive family.

My dad was really sad to see me leave, I could really feel that he missed me so bad, and my siblings as well. I think the next time I wil be in the Philippines I would want to visit Cavite again.

Philippines 2019

This year I went to the Philippines for my summer vacation. It has been about 4 years since my last visit there.

I spent about two, almost three weeks there with my mom and my sister. Going to different places almost each week 😅

I flew with Thai Airways for the first time! Quite an enjoyable flight and will most likely fly with them again.

I will write about the different places I went to and write individual posts about them.


For now, I have to go to bed. I’ve got an early shift tomorrow


I have updated my luggage tag post with new tags 🙂

I am so sorry for being away for so long. I worked a lot during the summer and I went on a vacation (will post about my summer vacation) soon.

The day after I came back, I went straight to work and have been working a lot of extra shifts. I’ve set a goal this year that I would save as much as I can.School also started, and my classes are all mandatory.

My schedule looks like this since August:

  • Monday: 14-16 school. 1630 onwards work
  • Tuesday: 12-14 school. 17-2030 work out (travel time included)
  • Wednesday: Work (either early, I have started around 4 sometimes if I am lucky, after 14). School 12-14.
  • Thursday: School 12-14. 17-2030 work out (travel time included)
  • Friday: Work starts anywhere from 4am or finished by 1 am. It depends really
  • Saturday: workout 10-1430 (travel time included as well. from 16 or 17 off to work
  • Sunday: Sunday work from 16 or 17

and then when Sunday comes, it’s back to Monday again, and the whole week repeats again.

when it is my weekend off or whenever I have an early shift on Friday or Wednesday I try to go home to my moms place.


Will try to post my summer vacation slowly 🙂

Now I am off to work, again 🙂