So.. last day in Finland

So August 3 was our last day in Finland.

Our flight was supposed to depart 18:55. Around 18:31, while waiting at the gate we got an sms from Norwegian telling us that our flight has been cancelled due to technical issues. 20 mins before our flight -.-  I called Norwegian ASAP to rebook our flight since I couldn’t figure out how to on their site, but there was a queue. Heard people saying we could get help from downstairs. So we headed outside the checkpoint, ugh. Stod in line. there were about 6 people ahead of me. We were queing at the service desk. I still called Norwegian just to be sure. So the woman on the phone I talked to said she could book us via Stockholm the next day, I said sure, but just as she was about to confirm it it became full. So she said they have one via Copenhagen the next day, so I said sure. When we were done and everything, I got an email, and guess what. It was not via Copenhagen, but Malaga Spain! Great! After standing in line for about half an hour, it was finally our turn. the guy at the desk said, there were no more flights until Sunday, luckily I was able to book through the phone. He just gave us a hotel and some vouchers. The queue had been incredibly long, and more people where on their way.

I felt bad for our co-passengers. One missed dinner before saying goodbye to his son, who would be going away. A couple’s Svalbard trip with non-refundable activities has to be cancelled etc.

The hotel we got is called The Airport Hotel Bonus Inn. It is about 10-15 minutes from the airport. The hotel was quite high and had a lot of malls near the place.

Our rooms was okay. We had three seperate beds, a fully functioning kitchen, tv, tables and chairs. We also had access to a sauna! Finally, we were able to try out a sauna at the sauna capital of the world.

The food we got was buffet, it was okay.

We checked out quite early to catch our flight to Malaga, Spain. And then from Malaga back to good ol Norway. Here is how our trip looked like! The light blue is how our trip should’ve been.


I did apply for a compensation from Norwegian on the same day it happened. I got an answer on September 13, and the money was in our account a week later. So for those seeking compensation from Norwegian, be patient. It takes time, and if ever your flight gets cancelled or get’s delayed. Remember to check Forbrukerrådet.

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