Poland: Polish food

After the Copernicus centre, I still wandered off and wanted to eat someplace. I went to a place where they had a lot of restaurants, but I was looking for Polish cuisine. I think I walked about 30 minutes before finding a restaurant that served Polish food.

The place is called Specjały Regionalne and is located at 44. I saw that they were serving Authentic Polish dishes, so I went there.

The waitress was very kind and helped me pick my meal.

The meal that I chose is called Forszmak Lubelski which is a traditional beef goulash from Lublin region with barley grits and a scoof of cream. I think it is sour cream, since it was a bit sour 🙂 It cost  45 PLN about 102NOK. I was actually considering appetizers or side dishes. I am so glad I didn’t because I was so full after eating this! It was a good meal! I liked it a lot.

For my drink I ordered Wild Rose Fruit Juice. I didn’t know what Wild Rose Fruit juice was, so I decided to try something new. It cost 13 PLN, about 29 NOK. It was sour and not too sweet, which I liked! I love sour things. I kind of wished we had that drink in Norway!

One of my goals during this trip was to try authentic Polish food, which I did get to do! I have a tendancy to eat Asian food when I travel to a foreign county.

I think if I were to given the chance I would go back to the restaurant to try their other dishes as well. They had some meals that sounded interesting to try.

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