Finnish food!

I might be the worlds worst traveler when it comes to food! We never ate a Finnish dish.

So what did we eat? Here they are

Geisha ice cream! Oh so good!

Salted Chocolate Fudge from Fudge Love! This one is so good! Like seriously delicious! My sister and I shared one, because it was a bit pricey if you ask me, but so worth it.

Taco Bell! Yes they have TacoBell in Finland. I have never tried TacoBell, so I wanted to try it. I ordered a shared box for my sister and I. was it worth it? Meh, it was okay.

Pasta Carbonara from Vapiano! We stood in line for almost an hour just to get this pasta carbonara. When I first stood in line I was very hungry, but after taking a few bites. the cream was too much. It was good yes, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to eat it all up

Magnum Double coconut! I love coconut and chocolate together so this ice cream was so delicous!

I ordered some proper sushi. It was expensive, since I went to a sushi shop inside a mall, but it was okay.

Smurf pear soda. It was way too sweet though 😛

HESBURGER! This place is great! Delicous burger! wished I ate more of it when I was there 🙂

So during a late night search for food, we went to BurgerKing and saw chicken fries. We don’t have these in Norway, I think, so I wanted to try it! They were like an elongated chicken nugget btw.

First batch of sushi from an all-you can eat sushi buffet. I think we paid about 12 EUR per person.I say it’s worth it, especially considering how many sushi bites you can get with that price here in Norway!

Omena Hotel Helsinki Lönnrotinkatu

We stayed at Omena Hotel Helsinki Lönnrotinkatu. I have stayed at an Omena Hotel before, and had a nice experience. The hotel does not have a reception, so all the information about our hotel we got before checking-in. The hotel is quite close to the city centre, I think it takes us about 10 minutes or less of walking and then we are at the city centre.

I am not able to show a photo of the hotel room as a whole, because I suck at taking pictures and the photo I have is so blurry!

The room I booked is for four people. So here is the beds. The red squares are foldable beds btw!

From the red wall where the folding beds are. There is a big square room which is the bathroom. on the other side of the wall there are shelves. One with microwave, one with a water cooker, tea and cups. The last shelf space is for a mini fridge. In front of the bed, the proper ones, is a giant tv screen. We also had a chair and foldable stools.

The place was okay! One complaint though is that the bathroom lights keep turning off every few minutes. you need to wave a hand for the detector. Also they have this bottle that is 3 in 1, shampoo, soap and conditioner. Normally I don’t like those stuff, but the one at Omena was actually quite good! My hair was smooth 😀

I like that they have a lot of charging ports! It is a must if you ask me!


At the end of July, I went to Helsinki, Finland with the bf and my sister. I wanted to go to Finland before because of three reasons:

  1.  I have never been to Finland and wanted to visit a new country.
  2. I have always been curious about Finland. I keep on hearing how better they are than Norway in some aspects such as school
  3. There is a special hotstamp from Louis Vuitton there.

We were in Helsinki from the 31st of Julyt until the 4th of August, we were supposed to leave on the 3rd, but that can be a different blog post altogether.

How was Helsinki?

The weather was hot, although during our last day it rained heavily for a few minutes. They have a lot of malls and they are open quite late! Some of the stores they had, we have in Norway. At one point it felt like I never left Oslo.

Photos from Helsinki will follow.


This sculpture is actually quite cool! Because if you look at it from a different angle, it appears that they are hugging.

They have a make your own Magnum ice cream store. However, the  queue was always long, and if I remember correctly I found the price a bit steep!

The Helsinki Cathedral

This place is actually a sauna/pool place! They have a pool at the harbour!

Some jazz music playing while strolling the park is never wrong 🙂

A beautiful garden room inside a mall.

Helsinki’s old market hall

Some photos from our small cruise to the zoo, which is on an island

The Louis Vuitton stamp from Helsinki 🙂

Life atm

Hello! I know I have been away for quite sometime. Blogging is not easy at all! I have been working a lot during the summer vacation, I did go on two vacations and August was a really hectic month. I signed up to be an International Buddy (fadder) so school started early for me, and then school started while I was working at the same time!

I have three subjects at school, two of which has assignments. During my “day-offs” I sleep!

Will write a catch-up article now 😀