Omena Hotel Helsinki Lönnrotinkatu

We stayed at Omena Hotel Helsinki Lönnrotinkatu. I have stayed at an Omena Hotel before, and had a nice experience. The hotel does not have a reception, so all the information about our hotel we got before checking-in. The hotel is quite close to the city centre, I think it takes us about 10 minutes or less of walking and then we are at the city centre.

I am not able to show a photo of the hotel room as a whole, because I suck at taking pictures and the photo I have is so blurry!

The room I booked is for four people. So here is the beds. The red squares are foldable beds btw!

From the red wall where the folding beds are. There is a big square room which is the bathroom. on the other side of the wall there are shelves. One with microwave, one with a water cooker, tea and cups. The last shelf space is for a mini fridge. In front of the bed, the proper ones, is a giant tv screen. We also had a chair and foldable stools.

The place was okay! One complaint though is that the bathroom lights keep turning off every few minutes. you need to wave a hand for the detector. Also they have this bottle that is 3 in 1, shampoo, soap and conditioner. Normally I don’t like those stuff, but the one at Omena was actually quite good! My hair was smooth 😀

I like that they have a lot of charging ports! It is a must if you ask me!

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