Exhausting day!

Ever since I started studying at the university my life has been quite packed. Back when I was studying at Høyskolen Kristiania, we had no mandatory classes. It meant if I was too tired from work I could skip class.

When I started at the university, I found out we had mandatory Japanese classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Which meant they may collide with my work schedule. I work Wednesday’s and Friday’s during my work week. On Monday’s classes started at 10:15AM, which meant that I had around 5-6 hours of sleep every Mondays. Why? Well, my shift finishes at around 1:30 in the night and it’s not always easy to sleep immediately after coming home from work.

Wednesday’s and Friday’s were the worst, partly because of me too! Our classes started between 12-2PM, and  I can pretty much be assigned any kind of shift. So in order to be able to go to classes, I have been accepting shifts that starts between 4-4:30AM and ends between 11-11:30AM since September until December last year. It is exhausting! Lack of sleep and trying to learn a new language at the same time.

Since January however, I have been applying to get assigned to shifts that starts right after I finish classes. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I have gotten them so far, except for today, I forgot to apply for a different shift, and was assigned an early shift today.

Let me tell you this, having an early shift when your body is used to having late night shifts is hard. I’ve had to pack my bag with things to munch on in case I get sleepy. I managed to stay awake during class.

Also the cold weather these past few days are horrible. It is painfully cold. Having my hands outside of my jacket for less than a minute results in my fingers being red!

I think I need to try to go to sleep now, I have classes tomorrow too

Louis Vuitton Split Pocket Organizer

I did something I wasn’t supposed to do yesterday, go shopping lol

A week ago I was talking to my ever so kind SA from LV. The split collection is quite hard to get in Norway, since they are not a part of that collection. Anyways her colleague managed to get it for his client, buy if the client passed on it I am next in line.

On Wednesday, I received an SMS saying that the client didn’t want it and if I was still interested.

So yesterday, I went to Louis Vuitton. The SAs there are amazing. They are very kind and welcoming. Anyways, here is the lovely Split Pocket Organizer 💕

It is not reflective btw. I asked the SAs and they said they tested it. I haven’t though 🙈

The back pocket has the silver monogram as well! The inside is black. I’ll try to upload photos when I can of the pocket organizer.

I should regret buying this as I am supposed to save for Japan, but this piece is just gorgeous so I don’t regret buying it at all 🙈


I went to my annual London trip with my sister in the middle of January. The reason I travel to London is so I can buy this years Christmas and birthday gifts. Let’s be honest, there aren’t a  lot of things to choose from here in Norway and it’s much cheaper in London!

So we went there on a Saturday and it was raining. We went straight to our hotel and then straight to Primark. We used about 2000 kr for clothes and accessories there, but we bought a lot both for ourselves and for iur friends and family.

We proceeded to go back to our hotel with three bags full of clothes and hangers. Hangers you ask? Apparently, Primark cashiers stopped taking off hangers off clothes.

After dividing our things and packing them in our luggages we decided to go back to Bond Street. Went window and candy shopping 😊

Also parts of Oxford Street and Regent Street were closed when we were there due to the Lumier London 2018  which my sister and I found to be a wonderful experience 😊

Our trip was quite short, like fron Saturday to Sunday, so these are some of the few photos I have 🙈 it was a nice short vacation though 😊

Tags and gifts

Hello! So what did I go to Paris for? Well the answer is tags, luggage tags from New York to be more precise.

Here they are!

New York relased a lot of new stamps simultaneously, and I made a friend who helped me with it, Yuting. I met with Yuting to pay for these as well, since they do cost money, especially the Statue of Liberty one.

The stamps are the Statue of Liberty, New York Apple, famous yellow cab, Brooklyn Bridge, Chrystler Building and Empire State Building. I also got the pins from the VVV exhibition they had in New York

Yuting is quite kind to help me get all of these!

Not only did she help me with the tags but she gave me gifts as well.

She also gave me a Sakura Starbucks planner, sakura tea spoon and a Svarovski charm. The sakura planner is as gorgeous in real life as it is in the photo. It is absolutely lovely, and I love it! The charm is also quite cute, and the teaspoon! 💕💕💕

Yuting is such a nice person and I am glad I went to Paris to finally meet her 💕

Royal Visit to Norway!

Prince William and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge are in Norway at the moment for a royal visit.

Yesterday, I read that we commoners has a chance to meet them. So after class yesterday on my way home I decided to walk towards the palace instead. There were a few people there, and I saw a vacant spot at one of the fences and decided to wait there. I guess I was standing there from 14:15, and it wasn’t until around 15 that we started to see action.

Around 15, the royals walked out of the palace towards us. I have seen the Crown Prince and Princess of Norway on multiple occasions, but Prince William and Kate Middleton! Would never in my lifetime imagine seeing them.

A follower in IG pointed out how cool it is that they’re looking at the camera 🙈 But OMG they are so 😍😍😍 Kate Middleton is so classy and beautiful💕

After they walked past me, I waited with two other strangers for them to come back. Luckily, I did. I met my aunt randomly and we waited patiently.

They came back at around 15:45 and we still had the best place to stand in 🙈

Please excuse my face! I had little sleep and was quite tired 🙈

It was a great way to start the month if you ask me 😊💕

Louis Vuitton

If you haven’t noticed, I have been mentioning Louis Vuitton a lot on my previous post.

I visited Louis Vuitton a lot of times during my short stay.

I visited Louis Vuitton Champs-Élysées to buy some luggage tags, because you can only get them there. I have a few friends I try to help as much as I can. I stood in line at around 10:15 and mind you, they opened 10. I think I stood there for about 10 minutes.

Anyways, once I got it I went straight to the luggage departement and up to the fourth floor.

After Champs-Élysées I went to Louis Vuitton Place Vendôme. The building had these rays of light when I was there in December, but now it’s gone 😢

I proceeded to go to the top floor at the luggage department. There I got my tags stamped 😊  some of which I have already sent to their respective owners 😊

The Louis Vuitton Eiffel tower trunks came back the day before I arrived.

Here are three tags stamped with the Eiffel tower trunks.

The front of these tags are stamped with the sun. The blue  tag and the red tag was stamped when I was in Paris on December 😊

Aren’t they pretty? Mine is the one on the middle 😊

After getting the tags stamped, I went to meet my friend for lunch. After lunch we went back to LV Vendôme to buy one more tag and to stamp more tags.

We had a great SA and the service was great. We were offered drinks, something I had to say yes to since lack of sleep gave me a headache 🙈

I opted for an orange juice while waiting for the tags to be finished stamping.

After we were done at Vendôme, we went to Louis Vuitton Champs-Élysées to buy more tags for my friend 😊 Also she has never been to Champs-Élysées, so she had to visit it 🙈


A visit to Paris is never complete without Ladurée! I am also a sucker for their pretty boxes. I collect their boxes since some are unique.

I bought two Ladurée boxes with 6 macarons each. There will always be chocolate and caramel in my boxes.

As usual I keep on forgetting what I chose, but I do remember ordering a strawberry candy, heart, orange blossom, lime zest, coconut lime and rose petal.