Portugal 2019

At the end of February I went to Portugal, alone. Last year, I told myself to try to visit a new country when I plan on travelling. So this year I decided to go to Portugal for two different reasons. First reason was it is a new country I can scratch off my scratch-off map. The second reason was because there is a Louis Vuitton stamp that is exclusive to Lisboa. Yes! I am that much of an addicted collector that I visit a new country for a Louis Vuitton stamp.


I was in Lisbon from February 26 up until February 28. I wasn’t able to do everything I planned to do, but I was contented with what I was able to see and do.


I would want to visit Lisbon next time and stay there for a little bit longer, and I would want to travel with someone else.

My Louis Vuitton luggage tag collection and locations

At the start of 2017, I became addicted to Louis Vuitton. It started when I bought small leathered goods, and then it became worse when I joined the Louis Vuitton Addicted- Buy, Sell & Chat group. I saw someone selling luggage tags with hot stamps and decided to buy one with the Canada stamp on.

The start of 2017 was also my last semester at Høyskolen Kristiania and it was our bachelor thesis period. I procrastinate a lot, and that one tag I bought started an addiction when I started searching for #lvluggagetags and #lvhotstamps on instagram.  Fast forward to 2019 and I have about 72 or so tags.

Without further ado, here are my tags and stamps and where to find them, ish.


Asia has a lot of lovely stamps, but they are extremely hard to get especially the Japanese ones.

Japan: Japan has had a lot more stamps than those pictured. The stamps are usually offered during events. Japanese stamps are incredibly hard to come by, they change locations and are only available for a small period of time.


Hongkong: Hong Kong has another stamp as well, the junk boat with the skyline at the back. I do not have it yet.


South Korea:


China: Shangai also has a stamp,but it is exclusive to the VVV exhibition.

Thailand :




New Zealand:



I had to Google countries in Oceania, and Guam was listed as one, so I placed Guam here. They also have the big rounded heart.

North America:


United States of America:

New York:






Washington DC:




Puerto Rico: 


Mexico City:







St. Tropez: Unfortunately, I do not have this stamp yet.

St Barts: As with St. Tropez I do not have this stamp.

United Kingdom:





Turin: I do not have this









St. Petersburg:

Moscow: Moscow also has the soccer ball from the World Cup.


South Africa: Unfortunately I do not have this tag. It is the outline of a mountain with Cape Town writing underneath.



This year is Year of the Pig. The stamp is available in some other countries now.


As part of the Holiday, Louis Vuitton rolled out six stamps, Vivienne, Manekineko,  pig, candy cane, Heart with the dagger and the Ostritch with the gifts stacked.

The candy cane as far as I know is only available at Malaysia and Macau


I still lack a few stamps and I am still in the process of getting tags with stamps.  Acquiring tags is not easy though, but I usually buy used tags.  I do hope I can travel to the countries or cities with stamps a lot more often. Cities or countries I haven’t been too are usually my target destination when I choose new countries to travel to. It’s not always easy because of my work. I hope Louis Vuitton will come out with more stamps, but I hope they will not be strict that I may not be able to get any.

Collecting luggage tags and the stamps is fun though. I have made a lot of friends. I have met some and there are a lot more that I still need to meet. I have a bit of a collection now though, and I am planning on buying a hardsided luggage from Louis Vuitton when I turn 30 to store my luggage tags. That is an ultimate dream.

So here is to collecting more stamps and meeting new friends.

Sinister Ball

Exactly a week ago my brother and I went to our first Vogue Ball! The Sinister Ball held at Kulturkirken Jacob, which is a church by the way!

The Sinister Ball was the first Norwegian Vogue Ball, I think. First, Vogue Ball in Norway. Anyhow it was amazing, it was new and it was a great experience. My brother and I loved it!

I must admit there were times where I felt pain, like pain from watching some performers twist their hands or when they fall down (on purpose).

I really admire their confidence. The performers were oozing with confidence that I wished I had! You could feel it!

I am so thankful that I joined Gaia Burlesque, because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have known about Vogue or Vogue Ball!

Hoping there will be a ball next year, I would watch and bring more people with me 🙈

Anyhow here are some photos from the night!

New In: Louis Vuitton Galaxy Pocket Organizer

Today I woke up to an sms telling me that the item I have been waiting for has arrived! I was so happy, I didn’t expect it to come til after the new year.

So after selling my shoe, I went to one of my favorite stores 🙈

I went to pick up this beauty!

I did not open it until after I came back from taking my exam. It was well a reward to myself and a gift to myself 😂

I don’t think my exam went that well, so coming home and being able to be happy about something else was therapeutic 😊

Here is my beauty

This is the Pocket Organizer in Monogram Galaxy as part of the Spring-Summer 2019 collection! It is so beautiful and besides I am a sucker for galaxy things 🙈🙈🙈

LV Event

Last Thursday I was invited to an LV event and thanked yes to it! My date for the night was my brother. I was also able to meet some of my IG friends and gotten to know new people 💖

They had a photobooth that we tried out as well.

My brother and I looked around and we found a potential gift for our mother’s 50th birthday next year. We will split it up and save for it though 😊

We didn’t buy anything as nothing we liked was there and because I am saving up for Japan

New In: Converse

While procrastinating, I was thinking of what shoes to bring with me to Japan to walk with. I realized that I don’t really have a lot of good walking shoes.

I was looking at my old converse shoes that I have had since 2009 and wondered why I stopped using it. Then I looked at it and remembered, my feet becomes painful at the heel, like it feels like something is rubbing it. So I looked and the soles near the heels are actually quite damaged lol.

So off to the web I went and ordered myself new converse. The 2nd version with the better insoles. I read they were good to walk with. I ordered them on Sunday and got them at the mail today.. Talk about fast shipping.

Here’s the new insole. To be honest it does look more comfortable than the one Converse usually has

I also noticed that there’s a rubberband inside connecting the flap (is that what it is called?) and the sole. I wonder why they made that decision.

Can’t wait to use them and try them out to see if they really are comfortable

Primark 🛍️🛍️🛍️

After our visit at Victoria’s Secret we headed to Primark.

Primark is a clothing store with a lot of cheap clothes, a lot of cool, trendy and even cute clothes. I think they’re the counterpart of H&M.

We went at the one at Oxford Street and upon arriving my sister and I split up.

I bought mostly sweaters as I have almost none, or I do, but they’re very few.

So here are my sweaters that I bought

Aren’t they cute? I may be 27, but I am still a big kid at heart! I love Pusheen and Stitch. I was actually supposed to buy a ” Merry Stitchmas” sweater with Stitch wearing a Christmas outfit 🙈

I also had to buy those very smooth sweaters that are in at the moment and one boring grey one

Even though I had an outfit for my cousins birthday planned out, I went and bought a new outfit that I felt I would be more comfortable in. New pants and new top!

I also bought fake lashes for an event I will be attending next month 🙈

Other than these things I bought a tshirt for my bf and two packs of black stockings.

I didn’t buy more than what I needed, and felt quite contented with myself 🙂

Also if you’re going to Primark, you can get tax-free if you buy for more than £30, just ask before paying and don’t forget the passport. The money back is not that much to be honest.

So, yeah when we went inside the store it was still bright outside but when we went outside it was dark and raining. We had to buy umbrellas. Also another tip, buy one of Primarks durable bag or bring your own durable bag. Primark uses paperbags, they used to have double paper bags but now they only use one. Rain and paper bags do not work well together. Our bag started to rip off while we were walking! My sister bought a backpack and was able to stuff her clothes in there, while I had to run to a store and ask for plastic bags! So for my next visit, I will be bringing my own bag!

Jollibee 🐝

Isa pa isa pang chicken joy
(one more, one more chicken joy)

That was one of the taglines of Jollibee, which is one of Philippines’ famous fast food chains.

From when I was 5 up until I was 16, I lived in the Philippines, so Jollibee has a very special place in my heart!

I remember going to Jollibee on Saturdays or on Sundays. We didn’t go there often since I think it was expensive? I don’t know, but it was a family thing. My brother and I would be so happy that we get to go to Jollibee!

I don’t visit the Philippines that often, so I don’t get to eat Jollibee that much for obvious reasons. So when Jollibee opened in London at the end of October, guess who was happy? Me and all the other Filipinos! We finally have a fast food chain that reminds us of home 🙂

My sister and I made it our goal to visit Jollibee when we go to London. So imagine my surprise when my cousin told me that Jollibee was not far away from our hotel. Jackpot! It really wasn’t that far, we had to walk past Jollibee to go to our hotel from Earl’s Court station.

My sister and I woke up at around 9 AM, to go to Jollibee! Let me tell you, there was already a long queue by the time we were there!

We stood at the queue around 9:15AM, and we weren’t inside before 10AM, and even though we were inside I wasn’t able to order until 10:30ish! They also were running low on Yum  Burgers

I may have forgotten, but at Jollibee you can get spaghetti, fried chicken and burgers! I think their menu is a bit limited compared to the Philippines (duh!). The price is not that bad either!

I ordered Chicken joy with Jolly spaghetti and Yum Burger for my sister and I. They pack everything in take-away packaging, and their straw are paper straws, not really a fan tbh. By the end of my drink my straw was a bit fragile. My sister and I stayed and ate there, we were able to find us some seats.

Was it worth waiting for that long? Hell yes! The chicken was crispy and juicy on the inside, so delicous! And the spaghetti 😍 Filipino spaghetti is much sweeter and has chunks of hot dog and tons of cheese compared to their European counterparts.

If I wasn’t saving up for my Japan trip, I would’ve gone on numerous day trips to London just to eat Jollibee 🙈

Christian Louboutin

I have written about my Louboutins before, but this time it’s a different pair. Before going to Paris I sold my simple pumps. Why? Because they were a bit tight and painful at times. I wanted to buy one that fits me this time.

My mom and I went to Christian Louboutin at Printemps. If I were rich I would’ve bought a lot of shoes 🙈

I bought Simple Pumps in 85mm (I wouldn’t be able to walk if I chose higher than that) in size 39,5.

The paper bag has the CL logo in them, so cute!

I actually received the inserts and one extra dust bag for free.

I told the SA about the problem with my previous pair, so he gave me the inserts for free! Then the next day I went back to the store because there was a wrinkling on the other shoe. He (yes same SA and he remembered me lol) told me it was the vein of the leather and that it was normal. He gave me a new shoe, just the one shoe and an extra dust bag! Talk about great customer service!

I have a pretty boring taste, but I like a classic style! The red and black combo is so gorgeous!

I have tried the shoe at home! I feel like it’s a bit big, but it is not painful for my feet! I haven’t added the inserts yet, so hopefully after inserting them they’d be the perfect fit

Life atm

Hello! I know I have been away for quite sometime. Blogging is not easy at all! I have been working a lot during the summer vacation, I did go on two vacations and August was a really hectic month. I signed up to be an International Buddy (fadder) so school started early for me, and then school started while I was working at the same time!

I have three subjects at school, two of which has assignments. During my “day-offs” I sleep!

Will write a catch-up article now 😀