Weekend in Paris

Last weekend my sister and I went to Paris for the BTS concert.

We left Norway early on Sunday and came back late Sunday.

Before the concert we went around Paris, window shopping. We did not buy anything at all because the things I wanted was not available at the stores.

Will be posting our hotel, the food we ate and the concert!


Here are some photos from our trip during the weekend.

It is actually quite weird to see Notre Dame without people and off limits to the public.


The display at the Louis Vuitton store at Champs Elysses.

The New Galleries Lafayette at Champs Elysses
The glasses department at Galleries Lafayette


New in: workout tights

I might have liked those Gymshark tights so much that I actually ordered new ones.


I ordered the Vital Seamless in Blue and Texture leggings in Steel Blue.

I liked the Vital Seamless so much I ordered it in my favorite color 🙈 I am using it at the gym at the moment, and I love it 💙

Doing legpress

I have not tried the textured tights yet. It’s a bit weird? Haha. The pants have different textures on different parts. It has a very handy pocket at the sides though which I like.

That’s the side pocket, and you can see there are different textures on the tights. I’ll try to wear this one the next time I work out.

Happy Easter!

The weather has been great these past few days! Unfortunately I will be working this weekend, and I am at work atm. However I have been able to relax and enjoy these past few days.

Yesterday was a little busy day. I went out and just strolled around the city. I love that it feels like a Sunday, because there’s not a lot of people and the city is quiet!

My boyfriend and I went to Talor og Jørgen for some super delicious, but pricey donuts!

After buying the donuts, we went to Yummy Heaven. Both craving for candies and they were the only store that sells candies that was open.

We went to Oslo food court near Oslo bowling shortly after Yummy Heaven!My bf got Karaage-don from Gohan , while I got chicharon from the Budapest stall (I think it was Budapest)

After our meal we did go home to rest, before going to the cinema.

My get-up for the cinema! Wearing a huge pullover hoodie from Lager 157 (I like to dress comfortably) , and wearing my LV sneakers (breaking them in btw) and carrying my Speedy 30. Believe it or not, there’s a 1.5L soda in there and over 1kg of candies 🙈 and other stuff such as powerbank, charger and chapsticks.


We watched Hellboy btw. The movie was okay, it wasn’t as bad as the reviews.


Have a great Easter 🐣



Late Birthday gift

Last Saturday,  I invited my siblings, my workout buddies and my friends to celebrate my birthday with me.

AS part of being grown up, we have busy schedules, so not everyone was able to go.

We celebrated my birthday at Fangene på Fortet, such a cool place guys. We were there for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. We then went home to my place and ate pizza and the highlight of the day, ube cake!

Ube is not really normally something they eat here in Norway. It is quite unusual if I may say, but they loved it! I mean who wouldn’t 😛

When everyone left, I met up with my best friend and she gave me her birthday gift for me! We did spend time in the city roaming around and stuff. She wasn’t able to come because she had work that finished around 4 PM 🙁

She gave me Rituals gift box. The packaging is so pretty and I am quite a sucker for sakura products! I really can’t wait to use them 😀

Birthday gift: Louis Vuitton

Half a year ago I decided to buy myself a Louis Vuitton bag for my 28th birthday, I have been saving a bit for it.

A few days before my birthday however I decided against buying a bag, and to buy shoes instead! I have been looking at the Run Away sneakers for days and have fallen in love with it.


On my birthday, the first errand I did for the day was go to Louis Vuitton. I was so disappointed when I didn’t see the shoes in the color I wanted in display. Luckily, they had it at the back 😊 so I bought them, tried them on first of course. Louis Vuitton shoes run big. I am a 39 and had to buy a 38! That’s a whole size down. 38,5 was too big, my heel kept popping out!


So here are my new sneakers!


The insoles of shoe makes it a high heel-ish type of sneakers. The insoles can be removed for those who prefer it. The shoes are a bit heavy to hold, but it’s not noticable while walking. I used them yesterday with stockings and felt like my heel would slip out at times, otherwise they were very comfortable to walk with.


I used them today as well with socks, and they were a much better fit! Here with my Gymshark tights 🙈Oh


Do you have these sneakers as well? What do you think?


“Code to import my old blog: 9996013209”

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday  I turned 28! 2 more years until I turn 30! I feel old

I didn’t have a big celebration, I just celebrated it with my family. I was actually very happy because of the weather. You see on Sunday it was snowing a lot! Like everything was white, so I was very happy when there were no snow on sight and very sunny yesterday.

I did not get any birthday gifts from friends or family, because you never really get gifts the older you get and because whenever they ask I don’t really know? I did buy myself my own gifts! That I can write about in a different blog post 🙂


For my birthday this year we did hot pot at home! I bought the ingredients before I went home to my moms house. I bought the things I thought would be good and that everyone would enjoy.

We all enjoyed the hot pot! the fish balls and dumplings were so good. One of the highlights of my celebration though was the ube cake!We don’t eat ube cake as often because 1. it’s expensive.


We were a total of 7 people who celebrated with me btw, and let me tell you. That ube cake was gone after a few minutes! It was very delicious though. The right amount of sweetness if you ask me.



Turim Luxe Hotel

I stayed at Turim Luxe Hotel which I booked through Booking.com. My journey to the hotel, because I followed Google Maps was a long walk. I think I walked about 20 minutes, but I found out later on that there was a much shorter way to the public transportation system.

Upon entering the room, you are greeted with music! Which is nice I think. The bathroom was clean and filled with the necessities I need.

The bed was big! and very comfortable! I haven’t had a bed all too myself in a very long time, and let me tell you it is great!


Over all I was pretty much contented with my stay. I didn’t use services such as breakfast or anything.

If I visit Lisbon again, I would definitely stay at this hotel again

Portugal 2019

At the end of February I went to Portugal, alone. Last year, I told myself to try to visit a new country when I plan on travelling. So this year I decided to go to Portugal for two different reasons. First reason was it is a new country I can scratch off my scratch-off map. The second reason was because there is a Louis Vuitton stamp that is exclusive to Lisboa. Yes! I am that much of an addicted collector that I visit a new country for a Louis Vuitton stamp.


I was in Lisbon from February 26 up until February 28. I wasn’t able to do everything I planned to do, but I was contented with what I was able to see and do.


I would want to visit Lisbon next time and stay there for a little bit longer, and I would want to travel with someone else.

My Louis Vuitton luggage tag collection and locations

At the start of 2017, I became addicted to Louis Vuitton. It started when I bought small leathered goods, and then it became worse when I joined the Louis Vuitton Addicted- Buy, Sell & Chat group. I saw someone selling luggage tags with hot stamps and decided to buy one with the Canada stamp on.

The start of 2017 was also my last semester at  Kristiania University College and it was our bachelor thesis period. I procrastinate a lot, and that one tag I bought started an addiction when I started searching for #lvluggagetags and #lvhotstamps on instagram.  Fast forward to 2019 and I have about 72 or so tags.

Without further ado, here are my tags and stamps and where to find them, ish.


Asia has a lot of lovely stamps, but they are extremely hard to get especially the Japanese ones.

Japan: Japan has had a lot more stamps than those pictured. The stamps are usually offered during events. Japanese stamps are incredibly hard to come by, they change locations and are only available for a small period of time.


Hongkong: Hong Kong has another stamp as well, the junk boat with the skyline at the back. I do not have it yet.


South Korea:


China: Shangai also has a stamp,but it is exclusive to the VVV exhibition.

Thailand :


India: I do not have this stamp unfortunately


New Zealand:



I had to Google countries in Oceania, and Guam was listed as one, so I placed Guam here. They also have the big rounded heart.

North America:


United States of America:

New York:






Washington DC:




Puerto Rico: 


Mexico City:


Beverly Hills: There is a special stamp from the LV Exhibition in Beverly Hills





St. Tropez: Unfortunately, I do not have this stamp yet.

St Barts: As with St. Tropez I do not have this stamp.

United Kingdom:









Bologna: I do not have it yet









St. Petersburg:

Moscow: Moscow also has the soccer ball from the World Cup.

Prague: I am going there to get it

Ireland: Four-leafed clover

Austria: Salzburg stamp


South Africa: Unfortunately I do not have this tag. It is the outline of a mountain with Cape Town writing underneath.



Chinese zodiacs have been available at LV for some years now, they roll out the current animal based on the year. So to collect all of them, one has to almost wait 12 years.

The US debuted the zodiac signs this year, and they rolled out all 12 signs at the same time.

Chinese zodiacs:

This year is Year of the Pig. The stamp is available in some other countries now.

Zodiac Signs:

I do not have all of them yet. Unfortunately stores won’t stamp two stamps in one tag, so I have to collect 12 tags, which are hard to come by lately. I have these two on hand atm. 10 more to go!


As part of the Holiday, Louis Vuitton rolled out six stamps, Vivienne, Manekineko,  pig, candy cane, Heart with the dagger and the Ostritch with the gifts stacked.

The candy cane as far as I know is only available at Malaysia and Macau



I still lack a few stamps and I am still in the process of getting tags with stamps.  Acquiring tags is not easy though, but I usually buy used tags.  I do hope I can travel to the countries or cities with stamps a lot more often. Cities or countries I haven’t been too are usually my target destination when I choose new countries to travel to. It’s not always easy because of my work. I hope Louis Vuitton will come out with more stamps, but I hope they will not be strict that I may not be able to get any.

Collecting luggage tags and the stamps is fun though. I have made a lot of friends. I have met some and there are a lot more that I still need to meet. I have a bit of a collection now though, and I am planning on buying a hardsided luggage from Louis Vuitton when I turn 30 to store my luggage tags. That is an ultimate dream.

So here is to collecting more stamps and meeting new friends.

Sinister Ball

Exactly a week ago my brother and I went to our first Vogue Ball! The Sinister Ball held at Kulturkirken Jacob, which is a church by the way!

The Sinister Ball was the first Norwegian Vogue Ball, I think. First, Vogue Ball in Norway. Anyhow it was amazing, it was new and it was a great experience. My brother and I loved it!

I must admit there were times where I felt pain, like pain from watching some performers twist their hands or when they fall down (on purpose).

I really admire their confidence. The performers were oozing with confidence that I wished I had! You could feel it!

I am so thankful that I joined Gaia Burlesque, because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have known about Vogue or Vogue Ball!

Hoping there will be a ball next year, I would watch and bring more people with me 🙈

Anyhow here are some photos from the night!