My Louis Vuitton luggage tag collection and locations

At the start of 2017, I became addicted to Louis Vuitton. It started when I bought small leathered goods, and then it became worse when I joined the Louis Vuitton Addicted- Buy, Sell & Chat group. I saw someone selling luggage tags with hot stamps and decided to buy one with the Canada stamp on.

The start of 2017 was also my last semester at  Kristiania University College and it was our bachelor thesis period. I procrastinate a lot, and that one tag I bought started an addiction when I started searching for #lvluggagetags and #lvhotstamps on instagram.  Fast forward to 2019 and I have about 72 or so tags.

Without further ado, here are my tags and stamps and where to find them, ish.


Asia has a lot of lovely stamps, but they are extremely hard to get especially the Japanese ones.

Japan: Japan has had a lot more stamps than those pictured. The stamps are usually offered during events. Japanese stamps are incredibly hard to come by, they change locations and are only available for a small period of time.


Hongkong: Hong Kong has another stamp as well, the junk boat with the skyline at the back. I do not have it yet.


South Korea:


China: Shangai also has a stamp,but it is exclusive to the VVV exhibition.

Thailand :



Malaysia: I do not have the stamp


New Zealand:


Australia has a stamp that is similar to the New Bond Street flower stamp.


I had to Google countries in Oceania, and Guam was listed as one, so I placed Guam here. They also have the big rounded heart.

North America:


United States of America:

New York:






Washington DC:






Puerto Rico: 

Chicago: I do not have a stamp from this place

Florida: I do not have a stamp from this place



Mexico City:







Paris has a new seasonal stamp of the Champs-Elysees

St. Tropez:


St Barts: As with St. Tropez I do not have this stamp.

United Kingdom:











Bologna: I do not have it yet

Firenze: I do not have it yet



Puerto Banus:







There is also a Crans-Montana stamp and a St Moritz stamp




St. Petersburg:

Moscow: Moscow also has the soccer ball from the World Cup.






Kitzbuhel: I do not have the stamp


Monaco:  I do not have a stamp from there

Netherlands/Aruba: I do not have the stamp



South Africa: Unfortunately I do not have this tag. It is the outline of a mountain with Cape Town writing underneath.



Chinese zodiacs have been available at LV for some years now, they roll out the current animal based on the year. So to collect all of them, one has to almost wait 12 years.

The US debuted the zodiac signs this year, and they rolled out all 12 signs at the same time.

Chinese zodiacs:

This year is Year of the Pig. The stamp is available in some other countries now.

Zodiac Signs:

I do not have all of them yet. Unfortunately stores won’t stamp two stamps in one tag, so I have to collect 12 tags, which are hard to come by lately. I have these two on hand atm. 10 more to go!


As part of the Holiday, Louis Vuitton rolled out six stamps, Vivienne, Manekineko,  pig, candy cane, Heart with the dagger and the Ostritch with the gifts stacked.

The candy cane as far as I know is only available at Malaysia and Macau

There is also a carousel stamp, which I do not know the location is from. If you could help that would be great!



I still lack a few stamps and I am still in the process of getting tags with stamps.  Acquiring tags is not easy though, but I usually buy used tags.  I do hope I can travel to the countries or cities with stamps a lot more often. Cities or countries I haven’t been too are usually my target destination when I choose new countries to travel to. It’s not always easy because of my work. I hope Louis Vuitton will come out with more stamps, but I hope they will not be strict that I may not be able to get any.

Collecting luggage tags and the stamps is fun though. I have made a lot of friends. I have met some and there are a lot more that I still need to meet. I have a bit of a collection now though, and I am planning on buying a hardsided luggage from Louis Vuitton when I turn 30 to store my luggage tags. That is an ultimate dream.

So here is to collecting more stamps and meeting new friends.

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    1. OMG! You have an incredible collection!!! The colored ones are just beyond words! I’m in Sydney and planning to get my first one – Sydney opera house! I’ll come back If you add more pieces! Happy collecting! (Not sure what language is this webpage, I hope I filled the form correctly…)

      1. The language on this site is in Norwegian 🙂 It has been filled correctly 🙂 I hope you got your Sydney opera house :)I’m sure it looks wonderful and is a wonderful souvenir as well <3

    2. Hei!
      Utrolig imponerende samling! Wow! Hvordan får du tak i de? Jeg har kjøpt flere vesker, men har ikke fått kjøpt bagasje tag i butikken samtidig.

      1. Hei! Jeg kjøper mye av disse brukt og noen gjennom de ulike LV gruppene. Jeg fikk kjøpt tags da jeg var i Paris, har ikke prøvd å kjøpe derifra i år. For noen år siden var ikke de ulike LV butikkene så strenge når det gjaldt å selge tags for seg selv.

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