Exhausting day!

Ever since I started studying at the university my life has been quite packed. Back when I was studying at Høyskolen Kristiania, we had no mandatory classes. It meant if I was too tired from work I could skip class.

When I started at the university, I found out we had mandatory Japanese classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Which meant they may collide with my work schedule. I work Wednesday’s and Friday’s during my work week. On Monday’s classes started at 10:15AM, which meant that I had around 5-6 hours of sleep every Mondays. Why? Well, my shift finishes at around 1:30 in the night and it’s not always easy to sleep immediately after coming home from work.

Wednesday’s and Friday’s were the worst, partly because of me too! Our classes started between 12-2PM, and  I can pretty much be assigned any kind of shift. So in order to be able to go to classes, I have been accepting shifts that starts between 4-4:30AM and ends between 11-11:30AM since September until December last year. It is exhausting! Lack of sleep and trying to learn a new language at the same time.

Since January however, I have been applying to get assigned to shifts that starts right after I finish classes. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I have gotten them so far, except for today, I forgot to apply for a different shift, and was assigned an early shift today.

Let me tell you this, having an early shift when your body is used to having late night shifts is hard. I’ve had to pack my bag with things to munch on in case I get sleepy. I managed to stay awake during class.

Also the cold weather these past few days are horrible. It is painfully cold. Having my hands outside of my jacket for less than a minute results in my fingers being red!

I think I need to try to go to sleep now, I have classes tomorrow too

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    Takk for at du engasjerer deg i denne bloggen.
    Unngå personangrep og sjikane og prøv å holde en hyggelig tone selv om du skulle være uenig med noen.
    Husk at du er juridisk ansvarlig for alt du skriver på nett.

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