I went to my annual London trip with my sister in the middle of January. The reason I travel to London is so I can buy this years Christmas and birthday gifts. Let’s be honest, there aren’t a  lot of things to choose from here in Norway and it’s much cheaper in London!

So we went there on a Saturday and it was raining. We went straight to our hotel and then straight to Primark. We used about 2000 kr for clothes and accessories there, but we bought a lot both for ourselves and for iur friends and family.

We proceeded to go back to our hotel with three bags full of clothes and hangers. Hangers you ask? Apparently, Primark cashiers stopped taking off hangers off clothes.

After dividing our things and packing them in our luggages we decided to go back to Bond Street. Went window and candy shopping 😊

Also parts of Oxford Street and Regent Street were closed when we were there due to the Lumier London 2018  which my sister and I found to be a wonderful experience 😊

Our trip was quite short, like fron Saturday to Sunday, so these are some of the few photos I have 🙈 it was a nice short vacation though 😊

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