Louis Vuitton Split Pocket Organizer

I did something I wasn’t supposed to do yesterday, go shopping lol

A week ago I was talking to my ever so kind SA from LV. The split collection is quite hard to get in Norway, since they are not a part of that collection. Anyways her colleague managed to get it for his client, buy if the client passed on it I am next in line.

On Wednesday, I received an SMS saying that the client didn’t want it and if I was still interested.

So yesterday, I went to Louis Vuitton. The SAs there are amazing. They are very kind and welcoming. Anyways, here is the lovely Split Pocket Organizer 💕

It is not reflective btw. I asked the SAs and they said they tested it. I haven’t though 🙈

The back pocket has the silver monogram as well! The inside is black. I’ll try to upload photos when I can of the pocket organizer.

I should regret buying this as I am supposed to save for Japan, but this piece is just gorgeous so I don’t regret buying it at all 🙈

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