Tags and gifts

Hello! So what did I go to Paris for? Well the answer is tags, luggage tags from New York to be more precise.

Here they are!

New York relased a lot of new stamps simultaneously, and I made a friend who helped me with it, Yuting. I met with Yuting to pay for these as well, since they do cost money, especially the Statue of Liberty one.

The stamps are the Statue of Liberty, New York Apple, famous yellow cab, Brooklyn Bridge, Chrystler Building and Empire State Building. I also got the pins from the VVV exhibition they had in New York

Yuting is quite kind to help me get all of these!

Not only did she help me with the tags but she gave me gifts as well.

She also gave me a Sakura Starbucks planner, sakura tea spoon and a Svarovski charm. The sakura planner is as gorgeous in real life as it is in the photo. It is absolutely lovely, and I love it! The charm is also quite cute, and the teaspoon! 💕💕💕

Yuting is such a nice person and I am glad I went to Paris to finally meet her 💕

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