Louis Vuitton

If you haven’t noticed, I have been mentioning Louis Vuitton a lot on my previous post.

I visited Louis Vuitton a lot of times during my short stay.

I visited Louis Vuitton Champs-Élysées to buy some luggage tags, because you can only get them there. I have a few friends I try to help as much as I can. I stood in line at around 10:15 and mind you, they opened 10. I think I stood there for about 10 minutes.

Anyways, once I got it I went straight to the luggage departement and up to the fourth floor.

After Champs-Élysées I went to Louis Vuitton Place Vendôme. The building had these rays of light when I was there in December, but now it’s gone 😢

I proceeded to go to the top floor at the luggage department. There I got my tags stamped 😊  some of which I have already sent to their respective owners 😊

The Louis Vuitton Eiffel tower trunks came back the day before I arrived.

Here are three tags stamped with the Eiffel tower trunks.

The front of these tags are stamped with the sun. The blue  tag and the red tag was stamped when I was in Paris on December 😊

Aren’t they pretty? Mine is the one on the middle 😊

After getting the tags stamped, I went to meet my friend for lunch. After lunch we went back to LV Vendôme to buy one more tag and to stamp more tags.

We had a great SA and the service was great. We were offered drinks, something I had to say yes to since lack of sleep gave me a headache 🙈

I opted for an orange juice while waiting for the tags to be finished stamping.

After we were done at Vendôme, we went to Louis Vuitton Champs-Élysées to buy more tags for my friend 😊 Also she has never been to Champs-Élysées, so she had to visit it 🙈

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