Off to bed

Time check: 8:40 PM

It is still bright here in Oslo, I think the sun is still up. How bright you ask? Look at the photo below taken at 8:39PM.

I am on my way home and will try to sleep ASAP. Why sleep so early? Well, this lady just said yes to a shift starting 4:50AM tomorrow! Awesome right? 😭😭😭

Luckily I am exhausted. Weirdly enough a shift from 8-16 made me much more exhausted, than my shifts between 4-11. What’s positive about me being exhausted is that I probably will fall asleep faster. Because let’s face it sleeping around 9PM is early for someone who normally sleeps at 2AM.

I did prepare myself for tomorrow 😎

Bought myself Battery Black Edition  😎😎😎

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    Takk for at du engasjerer deg i denne bloggen.
    Unngå personangrep og sjikane og prøv å holde en hyggelig tone selv om du skulle være uenig med noen.
    Husk at du er juridisk ansvarlig for alt du skriver på nett.

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