Papers and YT pudding

I finally finished and submitted my essay for one of my subjects. Been procrastinating all week, but finished it before going to bed last night.

Anyways, remember how I said I was following a meal plan? Well a part of my meal plan is to eat YT protein pudding. A few days ago I saw the pudding in mango flavor for sale at the training cente. So I bought it, three of it actually.

I finally ate it, and let me tell you it was disgusting!

I kid you not! It tasted bitter, with the after taste of soap! I wasn’t even able to eat up everything. Now I love the YT protein pudding in chocolate, but mango was very disappointing. I pictured the pudding to you know taste like mango!

That was basically what I managed to eat of it! The other two would probably go to the trash, and I really hate throwing away food!

On the other hand I am glad that I did not pay that much for them 🙈

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