Help, I’m on a diet!

Last Monday, I started with a new meal and workout plan. I do workout three times a week, but unfortunately I don’t see results. Sure I feel and have become stronger, but not results such as losing body fat. So I got tired of it and bought myself a coaching pack from Strongbody. Sure, it was expensive, but I am investing in myself.

I don’t really want to call it a diet, because I associate diet with eating less. My meal plan though, there are sometimes way too much food, but sometimes it is just enough. What I do like about the mealplan is that there are a variety of meals I can choose from.

Unfortunately, I went to the dentist today so my snacks were limited to food that did not require much chewing, therefore my next meals for lunch.

YT should seriously sponspor me XD I love YT proteinshake and the YT proteinpudding in chocolate, been choosing the meals which has them. They can however be expensive.

And dinner for today

I also made my bf the same dinner, and I guess it was okay. He liked it!

I still have my night food left, but that I will wait to eat when I come back from workout in a few hours.

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