Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday  I turned 28! 2 more years until I turn 30! I feel old

I didn’t have a big celebration, I just celebrated it with my family. I was actually very happy because of the weather. You see on Sunday it was snowing a lot! Like everything was white, so I was very happy when there were no snow on sight and very sunny yesterday.

I did not get any birthday gifts from friends or family, because you never really get gifts the older you get and because whenever they ask I don’t really know? I did buy myself my own gifts! That I can write about in a different blog post 🙂


For my birthday this year we did hot pot at home! I bought the ingredients before I went home to my moms house. I bought the things I thought would be good and that everyone would enjoy.

We all enjoyed the hot pot! the fish balls and dumplings were so good. One of the highlights of my celebration though was the ube cake!We don’t eat ube cake as often because 1. it’s expensive.


We were a total of 7 people who celebrated with me btw, and let me tell you. That ube cake was gone after a few minutes! It was very delicious though. The right amount of sweetness if you ask me.



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