Birthday gift : Gymshark

From my previous post I mentioned that I bought myself my own birthday gifts. I bought myself two pairs of workout tights from Gymshark. I have been on the look out for new workout tights, haven’t bought any new one’s since last last year.


I keep on seeing Gymshark on my feed, and they look and feels good to wear. So at one point during my search for new tights I just said ”f*ck it, I will try Gymshark”!


Finding which tights to choose was quite hard because they have a lot of different types and a lot of different colors and styles to choose from. I have been set on buying tights with a high waist. This is because high waist tights keeps my stomach warm, it hides my tummy, and it doesn’t flash people when I do squats (yes, I squat)


After spending days on Gymsharks website. I finally found two tights for me! I chose the Vital Seamless Leggings in Purple and the Dreamy Leggings 2.0 in Dusty Pink.

I was so excited when I opened the mail and I tried it on ASAP!

Did they look good on me as it does my IG friends or the models? Nope. Not at all! They are however very comfortable and the Dreamy Leggings 2.0 is so practical with the two deep pockets on both tighs.


Here is the Vital leggings on me


I worked out with it today, and I loved the feeling of it. It is one of the most comfortable tights I own so far!


Here is the Dreamy 2.0


One thing I didn’t like about the Dreamy 2.0 is that if you wear underwear that is not a thong or seamless, people will know! The texture btw is very smooth and lovely to the touch.

The Gymshark tights can be a tad bit expensive, luckily I am still a student and they have student discounts 😁


Will I buy more of these or other Gymshark products in the future? Probably 🙈


By the way  I was contemplating on whether I should post photos of myself wearing the thights, because I don’t look skinny fit or fit. I saw photos of Gymsharkwomen or #gymshark on instagram and they all show women who are superfit and has flat tummys. Then I realized that maybe there are some who maybe has the same body as I, and maybe showing my photos would help or can help a little.

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