My sister and I went to Selfridges twice! Once before going to Primark, we only went to Louis Vuitton. I wanted to get my friend the special stamp from Selfridges. However, one SA said they didn’t have it anymore, while the other one said it takes 5 days for it to be done.  We did go to the pop-up store for the Catogram line! Cute stuff from Grace Coddington

The second time we went there was after visiting Primark. I was looking for the nearest Krispy Kreme and it showed that it’s near the end of the street where Selfridges ends towards Baker Street or something. My boyfriend requested I buy him Krispy Kreme. Since it was raining, I told my sister that we could probably go through Selfridges, which we did.

While at the food court we found someone eating Krispy Kreme! There was a Krispy Kreme inside Selfridges. I know they had it before, but then it disappeared. Their choices were limited, but I was able to buy the original glaze and I bought the Selfridges

It was delicious and creamy btw! I also bought Mochi ice cream. Heard about them, but never tried them.

I love mochi and bought 6 pieces to share with my sister. We got 2 mangoes, 1 matcha, 1 pumpkin spice (too strong taste) and 2 raspberry. Mango was the best!

They may be called ice cream, but you don’t have to eat them asap. My sister told me that she heard that we should wait a few minutes before eating them so that they are not completely frozen.

We weren’t able to eat them because we were busy, I think it took us about 15 minutes before we were able to eat them. They were perfectly fine

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