Primark 🛍️🛍️🛍️

After our visit at Victoria’s Secret we headed to Primark.

Primark is a clothing store with a lot of cheap clothes, a lot of cool, trendy and even cute clothes. I think they’re the counterpart of H&M.

We went at the one at Oxford Street and upon arriving my sister and I split up.

I bought mostly sweaters as I have almost none, or I do, but they’re very few.

So here are my sweaters that I bought

Aren’t they cute? I may be 27, but I am still a big kid at heart! I love Pusheen and Stitch. I was actually supposed to buy a ” Merry Stitchmas” sweater with Stitch wearing a Christmas outfit 🙈

I also had to buy those very smooth sweaters that are in at the moment and one boring grey one

Even though I had an outfit for my cousins birthday planned out, I went and bought a new outfit that I felt I would be more comfortable in. New pants and new top!

I also bought fake lashes for an event I will be attending next month 🙈

Other than these things I bought a tshirt for my bf and two packs of black stockings.

I didn’t buy more than what I needed, and felt quite contented with myself 🙂

Also if you’re going to Primark, you can get tax-free if you buy for more than £30, just ask before paying and don’t forget the passport. The money back is not that much to be honest.

So, yeah when we went inside the store it was still bright outside but when we went outside it was dark and raining. We had to buy umbrellas. Also another tip, buy one of Primarks durable bag or bring your own durable bag. Primark uses paperbags, they used to have double paper bags but now they only use one. Rain and paper bags do not work well together. Our bag started to rip off while we were walking! My sister bought a backpack and was able to stuff her clothes in there, while I had to run to a store and ask for plastic bags! So for my next visit, I will be bringing my own bag!

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