American Candies in London

Earlier this year I saw a surge of big stores selling American Candies.

So remember when I talked about going into stores and asking for plastic bags? Well I managed to go into a candy store. They were very helpful and gave me as much plastic as I needed.

After placing all my things in the plastic, I went around and shopped for candies 🙈

Those long nerds are so delicous! The twizzlers, not so much, it tastes like plastic 😔 I liked the other one’s as well. I like sour candies so bought some. The TicTac cherry and coke was delicious, I regret buying only one 😔

I wished American candies weren’t so expensive here in Norway

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    Takk for at du engasjerer deg i denne bloggen.
    Unngå personangrep og sjikane og prøv å holde en hyggelig tone selv om du skulle være uenig med noen.
    Husk at du er juridisk ansvarlig for alt du skriver på nett.

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