Victoria’s Secret 🤫

After Jollibee my sister and I went towards Oxford Street to shop 😊

One of our first stops was Victoria’s Secret, because we walked past it while going to Louis Vuitton at New Bond Street.

The store has some of the runway outfits on display along with a photo and model information. They’re so pretty to look at

We didn’t plan on buying anything there, we just wanted to see what they had. Did we end up buying? Why yes we did 😂🙈

We bought from the Pink line, I think we were there for about an hour. And you’d think we’d buy a lot, but we didn’t. We bought enough for ourselves, but it took us a long time because there are a lot to choose from

The sports bra has a zipper in front, which is great! Sometimes when I haven’t worked out in a long time, especially where the arms and shoulders are concerned, I get so sore that it’s so difficult to take clothes off. The zipper at the front is so convenient, which means I won’t have to cry anymore while trying to take off my sports bra whenever I am sore.

If they had the other colors available in my size, I would’ve bought more, unfortunately they only had tons of S and M. Very few in L 👎

I know we have Victoria’s Secret in Norway, but I wished we got Pink as well. I like the choices from Pink better.

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