Sephora and a little Guerlain

Sometimes I hate that Norway is such a small country with little shops. I am however grateful that we do not have Sephora here, yet! I think I would be broke if we had Sephora. They have so many things to choose from.

So when we went to Paris, we were I think at Sephora daily looking at things. I bought a few things for myself and for my sister and friend.

I did not buy much when I was in Paris, and it is because I have a lot of face stuff I still need to use up

I have yet to try the masks and the pimple patches.

I have a pimple patch from Korea that I have used, and they are quite effective as well. Not sure how these are.

Different masks for different purposes for my bestfriend, my sister and I

When I went to Paris last December I found a pimple thing called Sampar! It’s a roll-on ointment that minimizes the pimple and kind of makes it disappear. I asked Sephora and anywhere really, but they don’t carry it at all. So I bought a gel thing from Clinique (a tad bit expensive)

I have been using it a lot and it kinda burns when you put it on a pimple. Hurts in a tolerable way! I think the guy said it kills the bacteria or something. This one is effective as well, unfortunately I have a bad habit of picking on my pimples.

My last purchase though was quite expensive but totally worth it!

It’s a customizable lipstick from Guarlain. So I have my name engraved on the side of the case and if I run out of lipstick, I could always buy a new one, but still keep my case.

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