Louis Vuitton in Paris

When my mother and I went to Paris, we brought our Le Jour Se Leve perfumes with us. We wanted to get our bottles engraved with our initials, and they do it in Paris.

We went to Champs-Élysées 30 mins before closing. The security men didn’t want us to go in at first, then I was asked by one of the ladies if I knew what I wanted and I told her yes. She let us in.

We found someone who could help us and gave our bottles with instructions. You see, my moms bottle was brand new while mine was half empty. So we told them to engrave the right bottle.

When the SA came, the engravings were on the wrong bottle and my mom was upset. The SA said she would come back. So while waiting my mom and I were browsing and were given champagne. The SA returned with the other bottle filled for free! My mom became happy 😊

Here is my bottle! My mom’s is exactly the same only with a J and not a K.

We also went to the Vendôme location to get a tag stamped.

We got tea and madeleins while waiting for the stamp to be finished 😊

We got her initial stamped on the front and the trunk eiffel tower at the back.

I also got a special stamp, but I won’t reveal it just yet.

We didn’t buy anything from LV. Personally, I wouldn’t buy any LV or luxury goods for more than 6000 kr overseas. Sure we get tax-free, but I would still have to pay 25% in MVA which means I pay more than what it costs buying it in Norway. LV prices in Oslo and Paris are quite similar, so it’s better if I buy here.

We did overall get great service at both Champs-Élysées and Vendôme 😊 I think my mom enjoyed her experience 💖

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