Christian Louboutin

I have written about my Louboutins before, but this time it’s a different pair. Before going to Paris I sold my simple pumps. Why? Because they were a bit tight and painful at times. I wanted to buy one that fits me this time.

My mom and I went to Christian Louboutin at Printemps. If I were rich I would’ve bought a lot of shoes 🙈

I bought Simple Pumps in 85mm (I wouldn’t be able to walk if I chose higher than that) in size 39,5.

The paper bag has the CL logo in them, so cute!

I actually received the inserts and one extra dust bag for free.

I told the SA about the problem with my previous pair, so he gave me the inserts for free! Then the next day I went back to the store because there was a wrinkling on the other shoe. He (yes same SA and he remembered me lol) told me it was the vein of the leather and that it was normal. He gave me a new shoe, just the one shoe and an extra dust bag! Talk about great customer service!

I have a pretty boring taste, but I like a classic style! The red and black combo is so gorgeous!

I have tried the shoe at home! I feel like it’s a bit big, but it is not painful for my feet! I haven’t added the inserts yet, so hopefully after inserting them they’d be the perfect fit

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