Finnish food!

I might be the worlds worst traveler when it comes to food! We never ate a Finnish dish.

So what did we eat? Here they are

Geisha ice cream! Oh so good!

Salted Chocolate Fudge from Fudge Love! This one is so good! Like seriously delicious! My sister and I shared one, because it was a bit pricey if you ask me, but so worth it.

Taco Bell! Yes they have TacoBell in Finland. I have never tried TacoBell, so I wanted to try it. I ordered a shared box for my sister and I. was it worth it? Meh, it was okay.

Pasta Carbonara from Vapiano! We stood in line for almost an hour just to get this pasta carbonara. When I first stood in line I was very hungry, but after taking a few bites. the cream was too much. It was good yes, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to eat it all up

Magnum Double coconut! I love coconut and chocolate together so this ice cream was so delicous!

I ordered some proper sushi. It was expensive, since I went to a sushi shop inside a mall, but it was okay.

Smurf pear soda. It was way too sweet though 😛

HESBURGER! This place is great! Delicous burger! wished I ate more of it when I was there 🙂

So during a late night search for food, we went to BurgerKing and saw chicken fries. We don’t have these in Norway, I think, so I wanted to try it! They were like an elongated chicken nugget btw.

First batch of sushi from an all-you can eat sushi buffet. I think we paid about 12 EUR per person.I say it’s worth it, especially considering how many sushi bites you can get with that price here in Norway!

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