Los Tacos

I went to Los Tacos yesterday with the bf! This is my second time trying Los Tacos.

I am actually on a low carb diet atm, but yesterday after workout, I just had to have carbs!

My bf chose the Chipotle Chicken Burrito, while I went for the Bowl with Grilled Chicken.

The bowl had rice, black beans, salad, salsa, chipotle sauce amongst others and it cost about 118 kr.

Here is my bowl

Halfway through the bowl I was already feeling stuffed. So I gave some to my bf 🙈

The bowl was quite delicious and the price was not so bad!

If it wasn’t for my best friend who wanted to eat at Los Tacos last week, I think I would’ve never have tried this place.

Worth a visit! It’s located at Jernbanetorget at Europarådets plass 1

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