Last Friday night

On Fridays I usually work, and yesterday I was also working. The difference though was that I had to rush home as soon as I finished because of game night. I have never been to a game night before 🙈

The bf and I were invited by common friends to join them at game night. Ever since I got my job four years ago, I haven’t really been into social activities. I get tired mentally and physically. On my day offs I watch new movies, sleep or visit family, especially since I moved out. I did however make a promise that I would meet friends often this summer. That’s why I decided to go to game night. To be honest I wanted to stay home and sleep 🙈

Before going there, I asked the bf to take some photos of me 🙈

A bit of an awkward pose 🙈 working on those though 🙈

We arrived at my friends house around 10 people because we had to drop by Rema1000 to buy some snacks.

We were a total of 9 people there and we played games.

This game was fun, and I won along with another friend. Not bad for first timers.

Basically you get roles and teams. If you’re a werewolf the goal is to not get chosen by the others to get shot. If a werewolf gets chosen to be shot, the good guys get points, if no werewolves are shot, they get the point, if a Tannee gets shot only he gets the point. Quite fun game! We did about 15 rounds. Thinking of buying it from Outland, costs about 230 though 🙈

Avalon was the last game we played! It’s also roleplaying with three bad guys, Merlin and the rest good guys. The bad guys’ goal is to win, and it is by sabotaging the quests. Merlin knows who these bad guys are and will need to give clues to the good guys.

It was an intense game, requires more thinking and trust, and at the same time not trusting others. We only managed two rounds with this, because by the time we finished it was already around 3:20AM!

I had so much fun with the games in the presence of friends.

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