Louis Vuitton Haul from Poland

When I was in Warsaw, I went to one of my favorite stores, Louis Vuitton. I have since early 2017 grown an addiction to buying LV’s!

Louis Vuitton Warsaw can be found at a department store called Vitkac. I went to the store at 11AM, basically when they just opened. I feel like it is best to go there when they just have opened, because there might be fewer shoppers. The store is two stories high. At the ground floor was the luggage, some womens bags, slgs, belts, scarves and jewelries. The second floor had menswear and shoes and some more bags.

Here are some of the things I got from Louis Vuitton Poland 🙂

I got myself a Toiletry 19 🙂 I have been eyeing it from time to time, but it was never in my priority list. I knew I wanted a toiletry case from Poland. However they didn’t have the one I wanted. I asked for the toiletry, but all they had were big ones. Luckily, the SA who helped suddenly said ” Oh, wait we have one right here, the last one”. or something like that. It’s really nice and I think it is the best size.

The second items I got from Poland was the wonderful Polish Stamp of Chopin.

Before going to Poland I had a few tags with me. Luckily I have some friends who sent me tags for my future travels, so I was able to bring their tags with me on my spontaneous trip.

So when I was in LV, I asked the SAs if they had any special stamps, apparently they did not they said they only had letters. While getting some help from the SA who helped me with the toiletry, I asked her about the stamp and she was like “Yes! We have it!”. So she arraged for the tags I had to be stamped. Turns out she was the manager  🙂 I left my tags at the store, since they were very busy. I went to the park and then when I came back after and hour or so, the tags were stamped.

Here is my tag.

Here are all the stamped tags I have 🙂

The stamp really looks like the statue of Chopin!

It is one of the coolest looking stamp I have in my collection and I am ever grateful to Magdalena of Louis Vuitton Warsaw 🙂 I actually went back after I left the store just to thank her <3


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