I stayed at ApartHostel Warzawa during my stay. I arrived quite late, around 12AM, luckily they have a reception that is open 24/7! I received a keycard and a locker key.

I wasn’t able to take a photo of my room/bed because: 1. I arrived really late at night, everyone was sleeping 2. In the morning, people were still sleeping and it is a bit disrespectful to take photos imo.

I borrowed the photos from the hostels website. I think this is basically the room I stayed at. There were three bunk beds, a locker for six people, a vanity table and a shared bathroom

I did try the hostels breakfast before I left. I don’t usually eat at hotels or hostels, a personal preference. I knew I would be using the rest of my time in Warsawa to the fullest. I had to eat before I left.

Breakfast cost 20PLN around 45NOK.

This is my whole breakfast table. The photo is not the best, I had to edit out because of the sun. I sat at the table nearest the electricity sockets, which also happened to be near the window where the sunlight hit the most.

I had lemon and ginger tea for breakfast

I was served milk in a glass bottle, three small servings of greek yoghurt,  and two jams. There was some cereals at a different table.

I was served a platter of 4 sliced bread, sliced tomato, 4 pieces of cheese and 4 pieces of ham and some butter.

The breakfast was too much for me to be honest, I wasn’t able to eat everything up. I did eat up the two jams. They were delicious!

I had a nice experience at the hostel! I just wished they had electricity sockets near the upper bunkbeds. Luckily, I usually woke up early, so it gave me time to charge my phone and powerbanks.

It also takes about 10minutes or less to walk to nearest tram and bus station

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