Poland: Park Ujazdów, Park Łazienkowski and the Botanical Garden

One of the places I knew I wanted to visit was the park where Chopin’s statue can be found. I walked from Vitkac shopping centre to the different parks.

The weather in Warsawa was very hot btw, not what I expected and I had a white top and black pants on me. I think it took me about 20minutes to go to Park Ujazdów. That’s because I walk slow and I stop to take photos.

Here are some photos from Park Ujazdów

The park was quite big, and it was a bit nice to go through it. It gave me some shelter from the sun.

I didn’t stay long at the park, because I needed to go to Park Łazienkowski. I didn’t have that much time in Poland, so I can’t really stay at one place for a long time.

Here are some photos from Park Łazienkowski.

And here is the photo of the statue I wanted to see so badly!

And here I am taking a selfie with what seems like a cherry blossom tree and Chopins statue on the background 😂

The park was really nice and big. I did get some rest along the way. The heat made me tired faster.

After the park, I proceeded to go to the Botanical Garden which is actually between the two parks I just visited. The Botanical Garden is not free btw, I did get a student discount on the ticket.

Also there were two beautiful tree beside each other who had really beautiful flowers. I figured I wanted to take a photo with them in the background.

Let me just say that the sun and my eyes are not best friends at all!

I must admit, it is a bit lonely traveling alone. No one there to take a photo of you. I just had to use my arms 🤣 I did have a nice time at the parks 😊 I loved the flowers very much, they were all beautiful 🌸🌸🌸

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