From Japan 💕

Instagram is such a great community! I have made  new friends and met some as well 😊

I went to pick up a package from one of my friends yesterday 😊 It was a happy day 💕 

I got some goodies from Japan. Cute Hello Kitty and My melody tissues. Hello Kitty plastic bags. Got a scrunchy and a hairclip (something I need btw) 🙈

I got Matcha (my fave) and strawberry pocky, chocolate filled biscuit, Calpis candies (which all tastes good), Calbee barbeque chips (which are also delicious).

I was so happy to see these. I also got egg and seaweed furikake! That is perfect since I am running out of furikake 😅

I like receiving things from abroad with goodies not found here 😁 I also like sending out goodies from Norway, but sometimes I feel like we have limited goods here 😔

I am stocking up on things to send to my friends, hopefully they will like what I will send 😊

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