From my birthday a month ago 😅

My birthday was a month ago, and I was supposed to write this then. Unfortunately, I don’t have much free time now as I did before.

I have been 27 for almost a month now, and I honestly don’t feel any different. However, I’m 27! Getting closer to 30 😱

Anyways, as we grow older I have noticed that we get less and less gifts 🙈 I don’t really expect to get any gifts, but I do become very happy when I do 💕

Here are the gifts I have received 😁

From my BBF I received the mermaid teacup, tea, honey, honey dipper and tea infuser 💕

From my Japanese friend I received Pikachu face mask, which I have yet to try💕

From my co-buddy L I received the cute leaf necklace 💕

From my friends L and A, I received Nike tights. I have used the tights a lot since I got it. It’s pretty comfortable 😊

Please don’t pity me just because I received gifts from so few people. The lovliest gift I had was to go to Fangene på Fortet with most of my friends the day after my birthday. The time people gave me was the greatest gift they gave me. These days, meeting people for get-togethers is hard because of busy schedules. There were about 20 people who sacrificed at least 5 hours of their lives to celebrate with me 😁😁😁

I also got three other gifts from two more people 😁

I received a lovely gift from my SA! She’s the best, she’s very kind and helpful 💕 Everyone at LV Oslo are actually very kind and helpful 💕

She gave me a very lovely card holder 😍

I collect LV stamps, and the stamp on the card holder is gorgeous 🤩🤩🤩

The next two gifts are from me to myself 🙈🙈🙈

First one up is the newest Louis Vuitton perfume, Le Jour Se Lève.

I have been eyeing Contre Moi and Apogee for a while , but they weren’t really me type of smell, so I wasn’t willing to splurge on perfume. They cost a bit and it would be a waste if I bought a perfume that isn’t me. I am also not really a perfume type of person, I like have an almost empty bottle of Flowers by Kenzo from 6 years ago 😅

When I smelled this perfume at the event I was at, I fell in love! It reminded me so much of summer and citrus fruits. Also to be fair I had a glass of champagne at the event, so it was easier to buy things lol. Oh right I bought this a few days before my birthday, but chose to get it on my birthday 😂 I have been using the perfume every day btw 😁

Last gift from myself to myself is this cute bag charm. I got it right before Easter and I think it is so Easter-y. Loving the bunny tail a lot 🐰

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