Different Japanese snacks and drinks

It would take a long time if I wrote a post for each and everything we ate there, so I’ll just clump them up into one post.Unfortunately I haven’t been able to take a photo of everything we ate, so these are the ones I have on my phone.

We’ll start first with the food, then drinks, and desserts 🙂

For starters let me just tell you that Japanese food are delicious and not to mention cheap!

This is Takoyaki with teriyaki sauce and eggs. These were cold eggs by the way, and they were delicious

This is a meal we buy at Family Mart, a 7-11 like store, except they have much better selection and is open 24/7! This has been our brunch for most of our stay there. Not only is it cheap, but it is absolutely delicious!. Underneath it is a lot of rice, way too much rice.

This is a supermarket sushi. Yes, supermarket, and it cots around 45NOK! Not only are they good, but cheap as well. The 49 NOK sushi from Rema 1000 has nothing on these, tastewise. These are the type of sushi you get at an overpriced restaurant here in Norway.

These are also from FamilyMart, quite cheap as well, I think they are under 20NOK.

Now, let’s move on to desserts

This one is the equivalent of “saft is”. They have ice-y bits on the inside, but this is perfect for a hot weather.

This is Matcha soft serve with black sesame seed cone from an ice cream store calle 63 C.

Pringle with wasabi flavor. This was quite good actually, not to spicy.

These are wasabi lolipop. I haven’t eaten my salmon yet, but my boyfriend says ” Can I have yours, since you may get a sore throat from the sweetness of it “. It’s actually as long as my middle finger, so it is quite big compared to normal lolipops.

Here’s a mix of desserts and food. The rice ball on the left, is onigiri with sour plum. Love sour plum and onigiri together. Perfect go-to meal or snack. Then we have a grape beer? I really have no idea, I was celebrating getting an A on our bachelor thesis. Then we have lemon shots, which have been my best friend for the first three days in Japan. It is because I became sick on the plane. And then we have milk pudding! It is so good!

Here are some other drinks.

Melon Soda! This is the only melon soda I love to drink!

Fanta Kiwi + E was suprisingly good, hard to decribe how it tastes like.

To be honest this wasn’t good at all,too sour. I only wanted the bottle 😛

I wished I took photos of everything we ate, but sometimes when you have little time or really hungry that is not the first thing that comes up on your mind.

Looking back at these photos makes me miss Japan more and wished we had more choices here in Norway.

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