On our last night in Toyko, we ate dinner at an okonomiyaki place in Shibuya! We liked the place last year and wanted to visit it again.

This is how the table looks like. We or they cook the food on that plate 🙂

On each table, there are instructions on how to make an okonomiyaki.

On every table there is an hourglass that lasts for 4 minutes. There are also various Japanese condiments such as sesame seeds, mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce and bonito flakes. We also have lids to put on top of the okonomiyakis. Also there are ashtrays! Yes, ashtrays since Japanese people still smoke inside restaurants and cafés.

While deciding what to order, we ordered some appetizers. Cucumbers and some sort of sauce and squid rings 🙂

We finally managed to choose something to eat after eating our appetizers. My boyfriend ordered the Kagoshima BLack pork for 1380 YEN around 98NOK. While I ordered the Pork, Welsh onion and soft boiled egg for 1280 YEN around 91 NOK.

Here is how our meal looks like when they arrive! The waitress, mixes everything that needs to me mixed and puts them on our cooking plate.

When she is done she puts a lit on top of our okonomiyaki, and from then on we are the ones who flips it’s side every after four minutes.

We put the mayo and the sauce ourselves and designed it like that. I was so proud of my self 🙂

Here is our finished meal! Not picture perfect, but oh so good! The eggs, onions and other toppings we put ourselves 🙂

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