Ramune soft serve

Last year when we went to Mandrake in Akihabara we saw a soft serve stand. This year on our way there, I was praying that the same stand would be there as I really wanted something cold to eat on a very hot day! We saw the same stand on the same place and decided to buy soft serve before heading to Mandrake!

There are a few flavors to choose from such as Vanilla, Matcha, Chocolate and Vanilla, Ramune (soda pop), Melon, Mango, Vanilla and Caramel, Vanilla and Strawberry and Black sesame. Their price range is between 250-350 YEN, between 17 and 25 NOK.

What I find fascinating about this soft serve machine is that the flavors are in capsules, like the one on his hand on the photo below. In contrast, here in Norway it is one big machine that either has the normal flavor or chocolate or something else. There is not much room for all the different flavors that he serves. Also, since they are portioned it means that there won’t be that much waste on precious soft serve ice cream 😀

Anyways, without much further ado, here is my delicious ramune or soda pop soft serve!

One would think that having a soda flavored ice cream would taste horrible, but this one was actually quite good! it didn’t taste milk-y but soda pop-y.

We had to eat the ice cream in the vicinity of his stand though. In Japan they don’t really walk and eat much. There are often designated places for people to eat at.

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