Japanese ramen are the best! We found a ramen shop at Akihabara. I really suck at explaining directions, and I also do not know the name of it. However the ramen shop is located at the same street as Kotobukiya going towards KFC, sorry that is the best explanation I have of the ramen shop.

Here is the store entrance!

The thing about this ramen shop is that you pick your order outside on a machine. Yes, you order and pay outside.

I chose the Kotteri Tonkotsu Ramen with All Toppings for 1050 yen, around 75 NOK. After ordering and paying, you get a receipt which you give to the waiter inside the shop.

Upon taking our seat, we were served water or ice tea, I really can’t remember. There are also these manual grinders on each table. They are so that you can grind your own sesame seeds 🙂

Luckily, if you don’t know how to use it, there is a poster with directions plastered on the wall 🙂

Here is my ramen with all the toppings. Although it may appear as if it is a small bowl, trust me, it is not. I almost couldn’t finish this one because I became quite “mett” or “hearty” immediately, sorry can’t find the right translation.

By the way, the egg! Oh my goodness, the egg is so good. The egg white is warm, while the egg yolk is kind of cold! I have been to a restaurant in Norway which serves ramen, and their egg is just normal boiled egg.

I should stop making these food posts soon, I make myself hungry and miss Japan by seeing my photos 😛

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