Genki Sushi and Kaisen Misakikou

If there was one thing I was looking forward to on my trip, it was getting to eat Japanese sushi again! Japanese sushi is a whole different level that here at home!

One, Japanese sushi is quite delicious! Maybe it is how they prepare the rice. Two, they look good! Most sushi places here at home does a sloppy job! While I think in Japan, food preparation is an art! Three, sushi belts are not overpriced!

I think it is safe to say we have our favorite sushi belts. Favorites because we keep coming back to these places!

The first one is Genki Sushi located at Shibuya!

There are sometimes queues on this place, so often you have to make a reservation.

To order anything, you just choose from the screen! There are screens on every seat! Drinks are served by waitresses however I am not sure about soups. Otherwise food comes to you on the conveyor belt! Unfortunately I don’t have photos of how it looks like. But basically there’s this moving plate as I call it. There is space for three plates. When you order something, the chefs places your order on those plates, and that moving plate travels to where you are seated either on the upper, middle or lower lane. When your plate arrives, there is a sound to remind you that “Hey! Your food is here!”. You then take your orders, and have to press a button so that the moving plate can come back to the kitchen!

We usually order melon Soda which costs 120 for medium and 180 for large, around 8 NOK and 13 NOK. By the way, large is the same size as Norwegian medium.

Melon soda’s color is green, but it is delicous! We order it because you can’t find any green drinks in Norway and that flavor.

Sushi or nigiri varies in price depending on what they have as a topping! If I remember correctly they are from 110 to 440YEN, so basically anywhere from 8NOK to 32 NOK! They are good sushi and quite cheap. We never pay more than 100 per person for a lot of sushi!

Here are some of the things I have ordered from Genki Sushi, I wasn’t able to take photos of everything because I was to hungry! I try to order things we don’t normally find in Norway.

This one has got to be one favorite! This is yes, a cheese burger nigiri! This is absolutely delicious!

We were lucky enough to have the tanabata menu before we left so I ordered Tanabata Egg nigiri 😀 They were also delicious.

Honestly, I didn’t want to eat it because it looks too pretty to eat!

Moving on to the Kaisen Misakikou! This one is located at Nakano Broadway! Their sushi place is a little bit similar to Genki sushi, the only difference is that they have a moving sushi bar as well as a conveyor belt like in Genki Sushi. Their moving plate here is formed as the Shinkansen ( bullet train)

On the upper lane is the conveyor belt, while the bottom is the moving belt.

Just like Genki Sushi, you also order through the screen placed for each seat.

Here are some of the things we ordered! There are a lot of unagi (eel) order, because my boyfriend loves them!

Making this post made me crave for sushi! haha

Oh! I forgot to mention that they serve matcha on both sushi places. There is a hot water dispenser if I can call it that, on the table and matcha powder. They also give you these number plate that has the same number as your seat. So when you finish your order, you just give it back and then you pay 🙂

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