Japan Ice Ouca

Japan Ice Ouca has one of the best ice creams I have eaten! It is a small shop and is located near Ebisu station.

When we arrived there, there was quite a queue. We didn’t get to taste the other ice creams they were offering because we were already set on what we wanted to have, well not I. My boyfriend was set on having the same thing he had last year, I was not. It wasn’t until I saw the poster to the right that I knew what I wanted. I am a sucker for matcha ice cream 😁

I realized that this is not thebest photo of their menu, so my apologies!

The cute teddy dessert or Kuma-chan comes in a variety of flavors and they cost 640 yen around 46 NOK! Teddy or Kuma-chan comes in five different flavors, however I do not know what the other three flavors are aside from Strawberry and Matcha! My apologies, I should have asked them ✌

They also offer scoops of ice cream in different sizes where the smallest is 400 yen around 28 NOK and the biggest for 720 yen around 52 NOK.

Here are our shaved ice Pink Kuma and Green Kuma 😀

They are so cute, and if you notice they have different “backgrounds” on their serving plates. Green Kuma is in a matcha ceremony, while Pink Kuma is well surrounded by ice!

Here is my Green Kuma up close! His ears are made of dried peaches by the way, while his eyes are made of red beans 🙂

I almost feel bad for Pink Kuma as his eyes are falling off! To be fair it was hot and my photoshoot took a bit time so he started to melt! Pink Kuma’s ears are made of strawberry 🙂

Here below are some of what we ordered last year!

I seriouslt cannot remember what this Yellow Kuma’s flavor is! I think it was orange or something like that. If you notice, he doesn’t have a nice “background”. The serving plate was quite small and plain.

This one! was absolutely delicious! The different flavors are coffee, peach, matcha and watermelon! They didn’t taste artifical at all, they tasted quite natural! If I remember correctly the cookies or biscuits were quite neutral it taste, while the seaweed was sweet and salty at the same time. They all complemented each other.

If I visit Tokyo again during the summer season, I would definitely come back here! This is worth a re-visit!

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