Mocha Cat Café

During our last day in Tokyo we just hanged around Akihabara, because it is our favorite place, almost. We stumbled upon a Cat Café where you pay 200yen/10 minutes. I am highly allergic to cats, but I owned a cat once when I was in the Philippines. I wanted to go to a cat café, but not my boyfriend, because he didn’t want me to have a reaction. Given that it was 200 yen/10 minutes, I didn’t see any harm. I can survive inside a house for 30 minutes with a cat before I get my reaction.

It wasn’t until we were inside the café that we learned that we had to stay a minimum of 30 minutes. They give you wristbands that states what time you came.

Just to be clear, just because it says café doesn’t mean we eat a meal here. There was a strictly no food or feeding of the cats. They actually have a lot of rules. First we had do remove our shoes, and wear indoor slippers. Then we had to disinfect our hands with antibac. Also one rule is to not pick up or carry any of the cats. We could pet them and take photos of them. Also we weren’t supposed to be so noisy, I think. Also, the cats looked healthy and well groomed.

We stayed there for exactly 30 minutes. I must admit 30 minutes went by quickly!

I did not get any allergic reactions at all! I actually find it weird that when I am in Asia, I am not allergic to cats, but when I am Norway I am highly allergic to them. I wonder why actually.

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