Robot Restaurant

When I first visited Tokyo I wanted to go to the Robot Restaurant, however my brother and I didn’t have a lot of time. During my second visit to Tokyo I wanted to go there as well, however for some reason it went to my ”forgot to do list”. This year though I really wanted to experience it. My boyfriend was against it since it was weird and he has seen the weirdness through YouTube. I managed to change his mind after much convincing.

I booked our reservation around two or three weeks before our arrival. The entrance fee was 9000 Yen per person and meals were 1000 yen per person. Around 720 NOK per person with the meal.

We went there on a Friday on their latest show that started 9:45 PM. We were there about half an hour earlier though.

Payment was made at a place right in front of the restaurant. The walls were filled with pictures and signatures of known people who has visited the place. We could also borrow lockers for free!

This is the outside of the restaurant.

I had to take a photo, I am the one sitting on the red haired girl. That sounds so wrong.

We had to go down some stairs, and it was too much lights.

We were then lead to a waiting area. The waiting area reminded me of cruise boats. The velvet chairs and the live entertainers.

I think we sat there for 20 minutes before we were allowed to down to where the action is starting. On our tables our food was already there, also we sat at the front row.

The food we got was very good by the way, but kind of difficult to eat while watching an action packed show.

The meal we both ordered was grilled boneless short ribs. A little too difficult to see, that’s because when we could open our bento boxes, the show already started. You see we had to wait sometime before we could open our meal.

We had some breaks during the show. I think we got 15 minutes break about three times.

Anyways, here are some photos from the Robot Restaurant.

The show was very entertaining! The performers were great! It wasn’t as weird as I expected, but then again I have watched some Japanese shows, movies and anime where they can be as random as this show. It is still an experience though.

Also, when we were on our way to leave the place, like the last floor before the exit. We were met by women in bras and thongs, well they were standning at the door talking to some men. We found out a few minutes later when we were picking up our things from the locker that there is a strip club right beside Robot Restaurant, so that explains it .

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