Kokono- Tonkatsu

We went to Kokono on our way to Maricar to eat lunch. It was located inside a building with a lot more other restaurants.

One has to pay for food already at the reception or waiting area, which meant you had to already have decided what to eat. Both my boyfriend and I chose Tonkatsu, around 900 Yen each or around 65. I may have gotten the price wrong though, so please forgive me 😛 We were also asked if we were smokers or not.

We were then lead to a room where we had to take of our shoes. The reason we had to take our shoes off was because the room is one big step up, and the floor is made of tatami. It would be highly unhygenic if you have your shoes on on a mat you may sit on.

The dark part on the photo is well also the floor. So I am guessing you can choose to sit Japanese style or western style where your feet are on the ground.

We were served cold tea, and their cold tea is literally cold tea, without any added sugars like we have in Norway.

Here are the different sauces, wet tissue and chopsticks

Here is my food. Tonkatsu! Tonkatsu is a breaded deep-fried pork cutlet served with shredded cabbage, rice, miso soup and pickled radish and something else that I don’t know.

When they served us our food, the server closed the door to our room. Quite nice if you ask me, we were able to eat in peace without others looking at us.

The food was good! However, we had to rush outside when we found out we had under 20 minutes to find Maricar. I was so thankful that we decided to eat before doing the MariCar, or else we would’ve been very hungry for the whole duration of our tour.

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