Ozashiki Odori Dance

When my boyfriend and I went to Asakusa, our goal was to find a mawashi which is a belt sumo wrestlers use. Upon exiting Asakusa Station we saw Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center. We decided to go inside and inquire to make our search easier.

A lady was standing by the doors and asking if we wanted to watch a Geisha show, tickets are free of course. Since we didn’t really have any agenda for the day, we decided to watch the show. How often do you get to watch Geisha’s perform? Rarely.

So I asked for two tickets, and luckily we only had to wait under half an hour. Yey!

Here is a photo of the introduction. The guy was explaining to us some things both in Japanese and in English. We later moved in front as there were a few seats available. Initially we were supposed to be standing during the whole show.

After we got seated, they had a little surprise. There were numbers on the seats and those called were the lucky ones who are to play a game on stage. The game was about who could spin the fastest.

Here are the three Geishas who performed the different acts.

These ladies were the singers and the musican.

The final act was made by a Hohkan which is a Geisha’s male counterpart in the Ozashiki Odori Dance. He was really funny! The sad part though is that there used to be 470 Hohkans, but now they are only 7 🙁


Over all it was a wonderful experience 😀

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