• 10.09.2017, 14:06

Marion Crepes

If you walk along Takeshita Street in Harajuku, there are creperies on almost every corner. There are a lot of crepes to choose from and they are quite cheap.

Before we left for Tokyo I learned of Marion Crepes from Running Man. Running Man is a variety show from South Korea, but they did a segment where they were in South Korea. Through the show I learned that Marion Crepes is the oldest creperie in Harajuku.

Marion Crepes was fairly easy to spot. It is, if I am not mistaken the only blue creperie store among the many pink creperie stores.Not pictured, but in front of Marion Crepes is another creperie :P

There are a lot of crepes to choose from, as I have mentioned earlier. So picking a crepe to try is kind of hard. Below is some of the varieties you can chose from. One thing I like about Japan is that you get a visualisation of their menu with their models.After looking at the menu for a few minutes, we decided on which crepes to try. My boyfriend chose the Brownie Crunch (no. 92) for 600 YEN, while I chose Green Tea Milk choco brownie (no. 88) for 500 YEN. Converted to Norwegian kroner they cost 44 NOK and 36 NOK! Now that's cheap.

Here is the brownie crunch

While here is my Green tea milk choco brownie

Unfortunately, I didn't get to taste the brownie crunch, but my boyfriend said it was delicious. My green tea milk choco brownie crepe was delicious!

I do recommend trying crepes when you're in Harajuku :)


10.09.2017 kl. 16:49
Det s godt ut! Hper jeg fr dratt til Japan en vakker dag.


13.09.2017 kl. 03:08
mitsuakira: Det var godt og ikke minst billig! Anbefaler alle reise til Japan :D Det landet er s utrolig fint <3

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